Who Was Roy “Bubba” Armstrong? Roy Armstrong Death Cause Died At 67, How Did He Die? Reason & Obituary Disclose

Who Was Roy

Roy “Bubba,” Armstrong was not small. He was not the tallest man and had the lowest voice. His impact was greater than life. Armstrong, a long-standing Marlette member, died Wednesday. He was 67. Jim Marshall, Marlette’s assistant baseball coach, said that Marshall had “that combination of longevity and (the capability) to be anyone’s friend.” “And if you were his friend, he would be your friend for the rest of your life.

Who Was Roy "Bubba" Armstrong

Neal Bishop, vice president of the Marlette school board, stated that “I don’t think it’s understating it by claiming that he was an establishment.” He was a solid foundation for the community. His incredible kindness and generosity were something that everyone knew about him, even though they didn’t know him personally. You saw goodness when you saw Bubba. Get The Latest Articles Updates On EntertainmentLootera.com.

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Who Was Roy “Bubba” Armstrong

Armstrong, who was often seen in a uniform of a referee, was a regular at Red Raiders sporting events almost 50 years ago. Armstrong was the manager of many teams and kept himself busy. Armstrong brought refreshments to officials and scorekeepers. Armstrong was sometimes the ball boy. Other times, he would give post-game speeches or pep talks.

Marshall stated that Marshall’s main job was to take care of referees. He was well-known for giving them water bottles and popcorn. It was almost like clockwork. Armstrong’s greatest skill was his ability to connect with people regardless of their cheering team.

Roy “Bubba” Armstrong Death Cause & Reason

Drake S. Okie, Marlette’s athletic director, stated that he was loved by everyone. It wasn’t just Marlette. Every school he went to had a special place in his heart. They were always there to help him, whether he was in Sandusky, Brown City or Memphis. Bubba was the only one who had an opposing school.

Okie stated that he has received a flood of condolences from all over the state. Many shared their memories with Armstrong. Armstrong has many memories, but one stands out. Okie stated that he was actually at another school. “And we had beaten Marlette in boys basketball. He said to me, “As much I love Marlette,” and he was happy for the guys. Marlette was his life. He appreciated everyone’s efforts.”

Roy “Bubba” Armstrong Funeral & Obituary

Armstrong was born in Sandusky, L.D. on July 27, 1954. Armstrong and Anna Mae (Patterson). Armstrong, the sixth of 10 children graduated from Marlette High School in 1976. Bishop stated, “When he was speaking to you, it was like you were hanging on every word.” “And you knew it would be a great conversation. Armstrong was able to recall specific plays from games played decades ago. He had a sharp memory. His conversations with me were not limited to sports. He was open to discussing any topic, even food.

Marshall stated that Marshall loved popcorn. Marshall said that he had a rating system for each school, and how their popcorn tasted. He would give either a thumbs up or down depending on the quality of the popcorn. Sandusky was his favorite place to buy popcorn. Armstrong gave the school a high rating because they served it in large quantities. Marshall joked that Marshall didn’t know if Marshall ever bought popcorn. Marshall said, “Or if it was something he did to help others.”

Roy “Bubba” Armstrong Family, Children & Biography

Armstrong loved Subway, too. At the Marlette location, there was even a sandwich named for Armstrong. Marshall stated that he would enter there so often that it was written on the wall what “Bub’s Sub” was. It was a 6-inch piece of wheat, a piece each of cheese, ham and turkey. That was it. His reach was not limited to Michigan. Marshall met Armstrong-related people in states such as Ohio and Florida.

Marshall stated that Marshall loved being around people of all ages. It could be a child in elementary school, or an adult who is the most senior. Bubba was able to connect with anyone at any age. This is something that doesn’t happen often. Bishop stated, “All the wonderful memories I have with him are not unique.” That’s what made Bubba so special. He made everyone feel special the same way he made you feel.

Armstrong’s funeral will take place at Marlette Jr./Sr. Armstrong’s funeral will be held at Marlette Jr./Sr. High School on Wednesday. The school’s gymnasium will be open for the service at 1 p.m. Six pallbearers are current or former Marlette coaches. Two pallbearers are from other schools: Tony Burton, Brown City athletic director, and Al Demott (Sandusky girls basketball coach).

Marshall stated, “Those two being pallbearers will show you that Marlette (that loved Armstrong) wasn’t the only one who loved Armstrong,” These schools are Marlette’s biggest rivals. That gives you an idea of how many people he touched. Bishop stated that the man was a rockstar wherever he went. People were thrilled to see him. Everyone has a story about how Bubba made them feel. It was his magic. It was a life lived to the fullest.


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