Who Was Lakhbir Singh Rode? Khalistani Terrorist Lakhbir Singh Died In Pakistan, Death Cause, Cases And Criminal Records

Khalistani terrorist Lakhbir Singh Rode passed away in Pakistan on 2 December 2023 Saturday. The news has been viral all over the internet. He was also the nephew of Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. The Khalistani movement associates with the goals of the Khalistani community to form their territory by separating some northern states of India into Khalistan. We have shared the details about the Lakhbir Singh Rode death cause below.

Who Was Lakhbir Singh Rode

Who Was Lakhbir Singh Rode? Khalistani Terrorist Died In Pakistan

Lakhbir Singh Rode was the nephew of Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. He passed away recently due to some health conditions in Pakistan. His last rites were performed at that place following sikh rituals. He was born in Moga, Punjab. He was the leader of the International Sikh Youth Federation and Khalistan Liberation Force. The organizations are banned in India. One of his sons living in Canada confirmed his death to his brother. His name is Jasbir Singh Rode. Let us have a look at Lakhbir Singh Rode’s Wiki bio.

Terrorist Lakhbir Singh Rode Death Cause

Lakhbir Singh Rode suffered from a heart attack in Pakistan. It led to the sudden death of Lakhbir. He was a Khalistani separatist. Lakhbir passed away at the age of 71 years. He was also known as Baba Ji. Lakhbir was taken to the hospital, but he left the world before reaching the hospital. He passed away on 2 December 2023.

Terrorist Lakhbir Singh Rode Criminal Cases

Lakhbir Singh Rode Criminal Cases

Lakhbir was considred as a Khalistani terrorist. He had several cases going upon him. Lakhbir was said to be responsible for providing arms and explosives in the Punjab. It was done to carry out the terror in the area. He is accused of Air India 182 bombing. Recently, one of his supporters was arrested. His name is Paramjit Singh Dhadi. He had explosives with him. Param had a sentence of five years.

Lakhbir Singh Rode Criminal Charges

Lakhbir Singh Rode goes through criminal charges as well. He was involved in dealing with weapons and bringing them to Punjab. There was news going viral about Dhadi’s arrest as well. Jasbir gave his statement mentioning that he is not involved in spreading any terror. Dhadi was merely a friend whom he met recently. He used to live in the UK and visit India frequently. However, he was found with explosives, timer devices, and grenades. Jalandhar police arrested him for keeping these weapons along with him. We hope you get enough details about the case. Stay tuned for more information.

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