Who Is Victoria Ruiz? NYC Defender Lawyer Victoria Ruiz Biography, Age, Net Worth, Career And More

Victoria Ruiz is a defender lawyer in New York City. She is in controversy for tearing the posters of Israeli hostages kidnapped by the Hamas. She has resigned from her job due to the controversy. The internet is curious to know the reason behind Victoria Ruiz’s actions. She has not said anything about the incident yet. A protagonist recorded the video that instantly got thousands of views. We will share details about Victoria Ruiz’s current situation and the poster-tearing controversy below.

Who Is Victoria Ruiz?

Who Is Victoria Ruiz? Biography And Age

Victoria Ruiz was a defender lawyer for New York City. People are criticizing her for her actions recorded in a video. She gets recorded tearing the posters of the Israeli hostages. These were four individuals under the control of Hamas. The posters were distributed to the US and other countries to spread awareness about the incident. The main motive behind this is to save these four hostages and release them from Hamas control. The hostages include a six-year-old child, a four-year-old child, a pregnant woman, and a young soldier. 

Ruiz resigned from her job on 9 November 2023. She has not explained any reason behind her actions. She was quiet when the protagonist recorded the video and asked for the reasons. Ruiz was tearing the posters. She does not stop him from recording her. 

Who Is Victoria Ruiz? Networth And Family

The protagonist recorded the video of Ruiz. She was tearing the posters and not replying to any questions asked. The watchdog group responsible for stopping anti-Semitism came to know about the incident. They posted the video and tagged NYCDS. It is the place where she works. The employer of Ruiz immediately responded by saying her actions as unacceptable. The video went viral all over the internet. She mentioned that she was not intending to hurt anyone. Ruiz was sorry for her actions and asked forgiveness from those who were related to the posters in any way. She does not want the families of the individuals in the posters to be hurt. 

Several communities have raised their voice against her actions. The Anti-Defamation League and The American Jewish Committee have said her actions are antisemitic. They have asked the officials to take action against her. However, it is yet to be confirmed whether any action will be taken against her or not. We will update you more about this case shortly. The matter is still going on. She has removed her Twitter account as well after the controversy. Stay tuned for more information. 

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