Who is Todd Smith? Is Todd Smith Led To Katrina Smith’s Killer, Age, Biography, Net Worth And Case Details

Todd Smith is said to be arrested for his actions and is said to bear his punishment for what he did. Todd was married and living with his family, but his life was not going well at any time. He has been in several complications, prisons, and chares since his teenage. This article will share details about the life of Todd Smit and the actions he performed that gave him such harsh results. So if you want to know more, keep reading for more information.

Who is Todd Smith

Who Is Tod Smith?

Todd Smith is said to be a person whose life was full of ups and downs. He was born and brought up in 1968. He changed his name upon marrying Teresa. He was just 17 years old when he was said to be arrested as he tried to threaten his mother. He did an experiment that went wrong. He was given punishment for his deeds and was imprisoned for 30 months. he was also said to serve 160 to the community. 

Tod Smith has been married to Teresa. He was finally living to see moments of peace. The couple gave birth to 3 daughters. However, the couple got divorced and Teresa wanted to be separated from him. After some time, he met Katrina who was his second wife. As some time passed, Katrina’s body was found dead.

Who is Todd Smith

She passed away because of some injury to her head. She seemed like one who was beaten by a bat on the head. She had bloodstains and the bat was found on the investigation at Tod’s house. He was the one who contacted her last. He was said to be charged with first-degree murder. He was not imprisoned for 59 years.

His eldest daughter was confused and living a harsh life. She kept on asking her father while he was taken for imprisonment bout the actual reason behind this murder. However, she did not speak a single word. She wants justice but also wants to know who is right. He was announced guilty of first-degree murder charges and also the sexual abuse of one of her daughters. 

Tod Smith will be released after spending 59 years in prison. There is no further relief expected in the punishment till now. His daughter had a negative impact while other family members are also suffering at some point. 

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