Who Is Narges Mohammadi? Nobel Peace Prize Winner Narges Age, Biography, Net Worth And Other Details

Narges Mohammadi is in the headlines for her bravery and for spending her life fighting against injustice. She is one of the bravest women who always raised her voice in Iran and was also imprisoned for the same thrice. We discuss the life of Narges Mohammadi in this article, and the award she received for her bravery, so continue reading with us for more information. She is currently a Human Rights activist and also an author who described the life of a woman inside a prison in Iran.

Who Is Narges Mohammadi?

Who Is Narges Mohammadi?

Narges Mohammadi is a human rights activist from Iran who raised her voice against the injustice happening in the country. She is currently 51 years old and was born on 21st April 1972. Narges was always courageous and did not like to bear anything wrong with herself or any other, as her parents always supported her stand for the right. She completed her education at Qazvin International University and spent most of her early years at Qorveh and Karaj.

Is Narges Mohammadi Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Narges has been recently awarded with Nobel Peace Prize by The Norwegian Nobel Committee for her bravery. She has proven that she has the courage and spirit to defend human rights and was honored as a human rights activist. She actively worked on improving women’s lives.

Who Is Narges Mohammadi?

Narges Mohammadi Biography And Networth

Narges first raised her voice against the structure of the Iranian government and criticized their way of working for which she got arrested in 1998. She was released temporarily after being charged $50k as her bail charges, but after a few weeks, they arrested her again. She was in a bad condition in the jail and her health was deteriorating, her muscle control was lost, after which, she was released for medication. She was kept in Evin Prison where she shared the injustice done against many women and also wrote a book describing the life of women inside the jail.

She was imprisoned again for her work against injustice, but she was known internationally and everyone was aware of her work. Many reporters and lawmakers along with different countries MP requested for her release, considering the threat she was having on her life. She was finally left in 2012. Narges noticed everything for the next 2 years and raised her voice again to change this system, but was arrested and imprisoned till 2020. She has spent the majority of her life in prison, but this year she has received the respect that she deserves and the honor of the Nobel Peace Prize.

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