Who Is Minati Das? Details About Odisha Health Minister’s Wife Age, Biography, Networth, Political Career, Children & More!

Who Is Naba Das Wife Minati Das

Who Is Minati Das? Details About Odisha Health Minister’s Wife Age, Biography, Networth, Political Career, Children & More!  There is an Odisha health minister Naba Das was married to Minati Das. The Das couple has been married for several decades and are the proudest grandparents of two kids — Vishal Das as well as Dipali Das. On the 29th of January, 2023 On the 29th of January 2023, an assistant sub-inspector (ASI) in the Police fired a bullet at Odisha Health Minister Naba Kishore Das in the chest.

Who Is Naba Das Wife Minati Das

Who Is Minati Das?

Das was heading out for an event that was being held within the west Odisha city of Brajarajnagar when a police officer identified as Gopal Das fired at him at point-blank range and he was critically wounded. Naba Das is a former Advocate and the current Leader for the party Biju Janata Dal (BJD) headed by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik. The recent scandal has taken the internet to the streets. The internet is now flooded with people wanting to know more about the politician’s wife, her family, and her children. We have all the information we can about Naba Das’s life.

Who Is Naba Das Wife, Minati Das?

Naba Das was married by his partner, Minati Das. He and his wife are said to have two children: an infant son named Vishal Das and a daughter Dipali Das. There are no details on Naba Das’ marriage details. So, it’s unclear what year it was that the Odisha Health minister got married to his wife.

However, it could be safe to conclude they are a happy couple. Das couple is together for several years now and is happily married. The Das family is likely to be shocked by the shooting incident that occurred recently. In terms of her job, Minati Das reportedly contributes to their family’s company. In addition the wife. Das often makes media appearances.

Minati Das Biography And Age

Naba Das’ kids, Vishal and Dipali, have grown into adults. The Das siblings live their lives in their own way. When Naba Das’s son is in charge of their family’s company, Dipali Das follows the footsteps of her father. In the month of October 2022, Naba Das announced the daughter of his Dipali Das as the leader of Jharsuguda. Dipali frequently appears with her father on political forums.

Naba Kishore Das Net Worth And Biography

According to The Times of India, Naba Das is one of India’s most prosperous MLAs. According to his statements to the government in the year 2000 the health minister is a holder of properties that are worth about Rs. 34 crores. The Mr. Das hails from the industrial city of Jharsuguda. Apart from being a seasoned politician, he’s also an excellent businessman. The minister’s primary focus is mining transportation in district of Jharsuguda, Sundargarh, and Sambalpur districts.

Furthermore, Naba Das owns residential properties in cities, which include Bhubaneswar, New Delhi, Kolkata, Rairakhol, and his home town Jharsuguda. Not just that, it is also worth noting that the Jharsuguda native also owns 70 vehicles, which includes one Mercedes Benz, with a total value of about Rs. 15 crores. In terms of his educational background, Naba Das holds a postgraduate degree in law, MA LLB.

Naba Das And Minati Das Relations?

Naba Das isn’t just the most affluent MLA, but also an extremely generous one. He is well-known for his charitable work and donations. The minister has made headlines by the donation of an expensive gold pitcher to the temple of Maharashtra. Numerous media outlets reported that Naba gave 1.6 kg of silver and gold valued at 1 crore.

The lawmaker, however, stated in a Times of India interview that the total value that he will offer to Shani Temple in Shinganapur, Ahmednagar district in Maharashtra is around 10 lakhs. 10 lakhs. Let’s hope that the Odisha Health Minister will continue to show his kindness over the next few days. We wish him the best of health and speedy recovery.


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