Who Is Miguel Andrade? A 15 Year Old Suspect Arrested In Murder Of Pastor Autura Eason-Williams, Reason Revealed!

Who Is Miguel Andrade?

Who Is Miguel Andrade? A 15-Year-Old Suspect Arrested In Murder Of Pastor Autura Eason-Williams, Reason Revealed! Miguel Andrade was just 15 years old at the time of the murder of Pastor Altura Williams, the mother of four children. We want Williams’ loved ones and families to know that we are thinking about them during this difficult time. We send hugs and prayers for their healing. We pray that they can move on from their grief and choose to live a happy life. Get The Latest Articles Information On EntertainmentLootera.org.

Who Is Miguel Andrade?

According to the news-times Miguel Andrade was a high school student who was among three people who shot and killed Pastor Altura Williams. According to Memphis Police’s information, the shooting occurred on Whitehaven Lane at 4:15 p.m. Williams’ vehicle crashed at Steuben Drive and Lynchburg Street at 8:27 p.m.

Who Is Miguel Andrade?

Andrade also stole a car belonging to another Cordova woman on Hunters Rest Lane before escaping. Insufficient information is available so we cannot provide any details about Miguel’s education or background. We are also unable to identify his mother and father because they have chosen to keep their identities low-key.

Miguel, an innocent member of the Altura community, was killed in the shooting. The suspect was charged with first-degree killing, as well as committing a disturbing break-in, carjacking, using weapons, and engaging in a dangerous offense. He was also accused of stealing anything worth between $2,500 to $10,000. However, there is no further information available and investigations are ongoing to find the truth.

Is Miguel Andrade Arrested? Reason & Charges

The victim was a Capleville United Methodist Church pastor and was the superintendent of the conference’s Metro District. She was later declared dead at the hospital. May her soul find comfort and peace in paradise. Andrade and his friend also drove away in a four-door hatchback car. The police caught him, and he was taken into custody for payment for the crime.

Now that Pastor Altura’s murder has been solved, people are eager to see the suspect’s mugshot. The mugshot is not yet public. Authorities have not released an identity photo of the criminals, possibly because they haven’t completed their investigations and are still searching for more evidence to support the case.

Who Was Pastor Autura Eason-Williams

We will wait for the police to make a statement about the murder investigation and reveal the details of the incident before reacting. We only hope that all the suspects are soon apprehended so that they can make amends and learn valuable lessons to help them make better future decisions. They will, in the best scenario, repent of their sins while serving their sentences in prison.

Pastor Autura Eason-Williams Cause Of Death

It is not known the identities of the two other suspects in the murder case, who were also involved in the carjacking and burglary. The murder case remains under investigation. Andrade was joined by another 16-year-old. However, Andrade was not the only one arrested. Fox 13 reported that Andrade was also charged with theft of property, ranging from $2,500 to $10,000.

The victim’s car was being driven by the two other accomplices, while the third fled in a blue- or gray-colored hatchback sedan. Altura’s car was abandoned and they fled with the Chevy Malibu belonging to a Cordova woman. While the people in Malibu were taken into police custody, the person in the sedan managed to elude the police to get away. He will hopefully be brought to justice.


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