Who Is Lil Mabu? Drill Rapper Lil Mabu Dating Rumors, Relationship Status, New Girlfriend Name And More

Lil Mabu is a famous rapper known for his versatile rapping. He remains in controversies more for his dating and relationships. Mabu is said to be dating someone. He has got the love of his life. Mabu has achieved a lot of success at a young age. Mabu has been rapping since his school days. He has earlier been rumored to be with Blueface and Nessa Barrett. Lil Mabu is currently in the headlines for his new relationship. We will share details about Lil Mabu’s relationships and current girlfriend in this article. 

Who Is Lil Mabu?

Who Is Lil Mabu? Relationship Rumors

Lil Mabu is currently dating Christian Rock. The couple has been together in a romantic relationship since October 2023. They are rumored to be in a relationship. However, this has not been confirmed by both of them. Neither of them has said anything about the relationship. Lil Mabu is a private person. He prefers keeping his relationships and personal life away from the media.

Lil Mabu is 18 years old but has enough maturity level. Lil Mabu is the stage name of Matthew Peter Deluca. His industry has people of older ages as well. He is the youngest among them. Lil Mabu gets appreciation for his talent from all over the world. He balances his love life and work life which is also one of his secrets to success. You must listen to his song, Mathematical Disrespect. Lil Mabu used to sing his rap in his college. He was a student of Bachelor’s in Political Science.

Who Is Lil Mabu’s New Girlfriend?

Lil Mabu completed his schooling at Collegiate School. He is studying for higher degrees at Emory University. He was rumored to be in a relationship with Nessa Barrett. The rumors started when they both went on a prom date. He has been in an album with Blueface as well. They were also rumored to be together after that. Many of his fans believe that Blueface is jealous of his new relationship. He is also in controversy for his fight with Blueface and Jaidyn Alexis.

Drill Rapper Lil Mabu Net Worth And Girlfriend

Chrisean Rock is a rapper. She is 23 years old. The couple had an age gap of 5 years. She has worked in Baddies as well. Chrisean was born and brought up in Baltimore. She has been with her boyfriend Lil Mabu in the Mr. Take Ya B*tch song. We will update you as any of them confirm their relationship. Fans are also eagerly looking for more updates regarding Lil Mabu’s relationship. They might reveal publicly about their relationship after some time. Stay tuned for more information. 

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