Who Is Jim Harbaugh? Famous Football Player Jim Harbaugh Biography, Age Net Worth And More

Jim Harbaugh is a well-known football player. He has played several matches for his country. Jim has a unique style of playing. He has won several recognitions and titles in the industry. He has been one of the best in his field. We will share details about the net worth, bio, and success journey of Jim Harbaugh in this article. He has a strong build with 6.3 feet in height and enormous strength. Let us explore more about his journey.

Who Is Jim Harbaugh?

Who Is Jim Harbaugh? Biography And Net Worth

Jim Harbaugh was born and brought up in Toledo, Ohio, United States. He is 1963 born and celebrates his birthday every year on 23 December. He has been passionate about sports since his childhood. jim had a lot of exposure in his life. His family was shifting from one place to another frequently. He completed his schooling in California in 1982. Jim completed his college in the next five years. He continued his football journey after that. Let us discuss below about his successful journey below.

Jim Harbaugh Wiki:

  • Name: Jim Harbaugh
  • Age: 50 years approx
  • Gender: male
  • Profession: Football player
  • Hometown: Toledo, Ohio, United States
  • Birthday: 23 December
  • Year: 1963
  • Height: 1.91m or 6 feet 3 inches
  • weight: 97 kg
  • hair color: Brown
  • eye color: Black
  • Nationality: American

Jim Harbaugh has a net worth of $35 million. He earns majorly from his matches and events. Jim also has several sponsorship deals. He also coaches different players that add to his income. Jim earns around $7.5 million per year. 

Who Is Jim Harbaugh? Biography And Age

He completed his college by 1987 and started practicing under Mike Ditka. Jim was not playing professionally at the time. He was playing as a quarterback in 1990. His coach was fired in 1993 after the Bears saw a fall. Ditka formed his foundation. Jim gets his boost in 1995 with the Colts. He is a professional NFL player at the moment. Jim is seen playing several games. He has also been one of the best of his time.

Jim also coaches along with playing. He is building himself as a coach which is also adding an extra source of revenue for him. Jim is currently working with the University of Michigan as a coach. He started there in 2015. His contract got expired in 2021. Jim got the renewal and will work with the university till 2025. Jim Harbaugh is an inspiration for upcoming football players. He had a good real estate as well worth $6.3 million. He sold it for double price at $12.98 million. Stay tuned for more information.

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