Who Is Jennifer NGO? Vietnamese American Influencer’s Age, Biography, Net Worth And More Details

Jennifer NGO is a YouTuber and an influencer, who is famous for her food videos. Her videos are liked by the audience a lot for her uniqueness. She is famous for posting videos with the food but not eventually eating it. She has received a lot of different opinions from people about her videos and the fact that she does not eat anything she shows in the video. We will share details about the Jennifer NGO’s journey to fame and her net worth. 

Who Is Jennifer NGO?

Who Is Jennifer NGO?

Jennifer NGO is a young girl who is an Instagram influencer and TikToker. She was born and brought up in San Diego. She follows the heritage and culture of Vietnam. There are not many details available about her mother and father yet. We will update you about them as soon as possible. However, she has a brother by the name, of David. He is also an influencer. She was born with her lips ripped. She had to go through surgery to normalize these. She also wishes to go through a treatment.

She also mentioned in a fan’s QNA video that her lips used to be sewn together. NGO started her social media journey in 2018 when her first Instagram post went viral. She started giving food reviews. When she started getting views, she tried to do it differently for more views. Jennifer started throwing the food shown in the video rather than eating it. Many people also criticized her while others became her fans and wanted to know the reason behind her not eating the food such as the tasty dishes shown in the videos.

Jennifer NGO Net Worth And Biography

Jennifer NGO has a net worth of $3 million. She is just 25 years old and earned a good amount of followers on her account. People love her videos and also asks several questions which she answers through her video. She is 1997 born and celebrates her birthday every year on 25th November. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. The best thing is the love she gets on her videos. She feels blessed for what she has achieved.

Who Is Jennifer NGO?

She might work on developing other sources of income as well. She gets several brand collaborations as well which is also another good source of income for her. She has 6 million+ followers on her social media accounts. Her videos have been liked more than 290 million times. Apart from food videos, she also prefers some comedy videos. You must have a look at her account once if you have not seen it yet. 

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