Who Is Iqbal Ansari? Ex-Babri Masjid Ayodhya Case Litigant Iqbal Ansari Biography, Age And More Details

Ex-litigant Iqbal Ansari is showering flowers on Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to Ayodhya. He mentions that he was happy after the prime minister visited the city. Everyone is curious to know more about Iqbal Ansari’s Wiki bio and the controversy. PM visited on motorcade in the city on Saturday. PM Modi is planning different projects for the city worth thousands of crores. All the supporters of Modi were welcoming him on the streets. Ansari mentions that Ayodhya is a special place with a lot of cultural importance.

Who Is Iqbal Ansari

Who Is Iqbal Ansari? Ayodhya Case Ex- Litigant Biography And Age

Iqbal Ansari is an ex-litigant involved in the Ayodhya Land Dispute Case. He wants to change the trustees for the construction of the Babri Mosque. The construction is not going on at an accurate time according to him. Ansari complained that the work is yet unstarted. Trustees are considering it his property. Iqbal’s father was the oldest litigant in Am Janmabhoomi Babri Masjid case. He is fighting for the land for a mosque in the area. Ansari believes that Ayodhya is important for all religions. He is standing for muslim support. Let us look at the Wiki bio of Iqbal Ansari below.

Iqbal Ansari Wiki Bio

  • Name: Iqbal Ansari
  • Age: not known
  • Gender: Male
  • Known For: Ex Litigent of Ayodhya Land Dispute Case
  • Religion: Islam
  • Nationality: Indian

Iqbal Ansari Welcomes Narendra Modi With Showers Of Flowers

Iqbal Ansari is an ex-litigent of Ayodhya Land Dispute Case. Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Ayodhya. Everyone was celebrating the happiness of PM Visits. Iqbal was also among them. Everyone was cheering and waving towards him. Iqbal also showered flowers while the PM was on his motorcade. PM is planning to bring modern infrastructure into the city for its development. He is trying to maintain the beauty and culture of the city intact while giving it a modern touch.

Iqbal Ansari Biography And Age

Iqbal Ansari mentions that it is his honor that PM Modi arrives at the place. He is very grateful for him. He has expectations from Modi and looking to have help in his vision. We will share more details about the incident as soon as we get to know. However, there are no further details about the same. Iqbal Ansari’s father also plays an important role in Babri Mosque’s construction. The pictures are going viral all over the internet. PM Modi has recently talked about Kashi Tamil Sangaman as well. We hope you get enough details about Iqbal Ansari’s Wiki bio and controversy in the article above.

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