Who Is Brian Page Orthopaedic Doctor? He in Deep Shock After Wife Alina Death

Alina Page recently passed away in the Manhattan mansion after a fight with her husband, Brian Page. He has broken after the death of his wife. It was a time close to their 16th anniversary. The couple was extremely in love with each other. Both were living in a luxurious mansion worth 7500 pounds a month. He mentions that he is devastated after losing his wife. The couple had two children as well. Her sudden passing has left a severe impact on them as well. Let us explore more about Brian Page’s Wiki Bio.

Who Is Alina Page Husband

Who Is Brian Page? Alina Page Husband Biography And Age

Brian Page is an Orthopedic surgeon. He was living with his wife and two children in a luxurious apartment in Manhattan. They were close to their 16th anniversary. The couple does not look to be having any serious issues with each other. Brain shifted to the apartment recently. He belongs to a humble family. Brain completed his degree in surgery with a master’s. He is one of the top-level surgeons. Brain and Alina were last seen fighting with each other. Following is the wiki bio of Brian Page.

Brian Page Wiki Bio

  • Name: Brian Page
  • Age: 38 years approx
  • Residence: Manhattan
  • Gender: Male
  • Spouse: Late Alina Page
  • Nationality: American

Brian Page And Alina Page’s Married Life

Brian Page and Alina Page were married for the last 16 years. They fought in the mansion. The couple gave birth to two children. Brian Page mentions that he is broken and devasted after the death of his wife. She was his only love. Life seems difficult without her. He said that he often posted pictures with his wife on his social media account. She was a mere 35 years old. Her children are also trying to cope with the situation.

Brian Page Biography And Age

Alina Page Death Cause

Alina Page passed away on 14 December 2023. She fell from the luxurious building where she was living in Manhattan. The other residents believe it to be a suicide case. They say that the fence at the top of the building is four feet high. One cannot easily fall from it. If you look at her height, she would be between 5 feet to 5.9 feet. Police are still investigating the matter. They have not declared it a suicide case yet. Many say that the fight may lead her to jump from the wall. Her death took place as she was not able to survive the injuries.

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