Who Is Angel Locsin? Philippines Actress Leaked Video Viral On Social Media, Biography, Age And Net Worth

Angel Locsin is a prominent actor in the Filipino entertainment industry. She is known for her several films like One More Try, Everything About Her, Unofficially Yours, and Left The Love Begin. She is currently in controversy for her viral video. The video has received millions of views after which she is being criticised. The video shows her involvement in some intimacy making it a big deal on the internet. Everyone is searching for the video. Let us have more details about the incident below.

Who Is Angel Locsin

Who Is Angel Locsin? Viral Girl Biography And Age

Angel Locsin is a Fllipino actress. One of her videos is going viral over the internet. She has been criticized for the video as well. The video contains content that should not be shared over the internet. The actress is known for her popular role in the series Clicks that she portrays in the 2000s.

Many new people are looking at the video sharing negative comments. However, the video is not a fresh content. It already existed on the internet. It was suppressed over the time. The video started catching the traffic again. It is quite common for fake videos targeting women public personalities to go viral all over social media. However, it is the responsibility of every individual to check the authenticity of the video.

Angel Locsin Leaked Video

It is not a real video of Angel. The video has an adult actress who has similar facial features to Angel. People watching the video confused Angel with her look alike. There are other incidents of such videos as well. There are Indian actresses whose videos were deep-faked. Similarly, a picture of Angel also goes viral where her private parts are visible. it is not a real image. It is again a look-alike of Angel. The girl in the picture is an adult movie actress. 

Loacksin received a lot of messages over the video leading her bothered as well. She cleared all her fans that she did not have any connection to the leaked video. It doesn’t belong to her. It is merely a look-a-like. Angel also mentions that many people will consider her a liar. However, she is not focusing on that aspect.

Angel’s only goal was to clarify things as the matter was already heated over the internet. She is completely fine and managed herself out of the situation. We will update more details about the incident shortly. Stay tuned for more information.

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