Who Is Ajendra Variya (Ajju Bhai)? Total Gaming Youtuber Reveals His Face, Biography, Age, Net Worth And Followers

Are you a game lover? If yes, then do you know who is Ajendra Variya (Ajju Bhai)?. He rose his popularity through gaming and people are always keen on his game playing. Not only his game, but his whole personality is always a curious subject among his fans. Just like most gamers and YouTube personalities, his face revelation is always a great topic of discussion because he likes to play behind the camera. But all of a sudden, he creates a buzz on social media after he reveals his face. Shocking right? It is quite an unexpected move that is taken by Ajju Bhai.

Who Is Ajendra Variya

Who Is Ajendra Variya (Ajju Bhai)? Total Gaming Youtuber Biography And Age

Now, ever since, he revealed this on his channel, people are rushing to know more about him. Many are searching for Ajendra Variya gamer, popularly known for his YouTube channel, “Total Gaming”. As we mentioned above, he recently disclosed his face on his Youtube channel which helped him to add more and more followers on his channel. As of now, he has 37 million subscribers on his account but now it is expected that numbers will increase. It is worth noting that, he kept his identity under the cover for quite a long time and people had always requested him to reveal his face and other details of his personal life.

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But he always tried to maintain a distance then so all of a sudden he decided to reveal his fame. Let’s find out the answer along with the other details of his personal and professional life. As we all know he has a strong and huge fan following in the gaming community and people are fans of his Free Fire game on emulator. He began his YouTube or playing journey in 2019 and since then he has regularly made videos on YouTube. Due to his exceptional gaming, he became one of the top gamers in India and people love to watch his gaming skills and take inspiration from him.

Total Gaming Ajju Bhai Biography And Age

In the gaming community, he is known as Ajju Bhai, but his real name is Ajendra Variya. He belongs to a Gujarati family and was born in 1994. The 28-year-old gaming personality manages several gaming channels on YouTube such as Ajju Bhai, Total Gaming, Total Gaming Shorts, and TG Highlights. All his accounts have a huge following and after his revelation, the number of subscribers is constantly increasing. Not only on YouTube, but is also famous on other social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Despite being a wonderful gamer, people were always looking to know about his real identity and due to that many unverified websites often talked about his photos. But finally, he revealed his identity along with his face. Fortunately, this time, the news is true and he officially disclosed his identity on Saturday, 30th December 2023. Within a few hours, the video has crossed more than 5 million views and is filled with a lot of comments from all around the world.

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