What Is Giving Tuesday? Best Ways To Get Ready For Giving Tuesday, Theme, Social Media Posts, And Messages

Giving Tuesday is a way for people to show their gratitude and help the community to grow together. People celebrate Thanksgiving every year on the first Tuesday. You can donate either your money or your time to a cause. It can be related to old age, homeless people, education, growth, sports, or any other cause. We will have a look at Giving Tuesday’s meaning, how it started, date, benefits, and impact below. Let us explore more about the day below.

What Is Giving Tuesday

What Is Giving Tuesday? Theme And Social Media Posts

Giving Tuesday is a non-profit organization. It has been running successfully since 2012. People contribute to reducing different causes throughout the world. Everyone engages in shopping and fulfilling their different desires on Cyber Monday and Back Friday Sales. It is a way for people to give back to the community by supporting any particular cause. You can take responsibility for any cause and provide your assistance either individually or through the Giving Tuesday teams. It currently has people from 70 countries connected to do something for other’s betterment.

Giving Tuesday Social Media Posts

It started in 2012. The main reason to start Giving Tuesday was to show thankfulness for the resources and the people one has in life. It can be shown in different ways depending upon your will. The donations are made to the non-profit organization, Giving Tuesday. The money is distributed to solve different causes. The organization has its logo as a pink heart. Their slogan says, Your Chance to Give Back.

Giving Tuesday Date

The Giving Tuesday date always falls on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Giving Tuesday 2023 will be celebrated on 28 November 2023. It is always said that the more you give, the more you get. More than $1 billion raised money the previous year. Giving Tuesday 2023 expects more than $1.5 billion to be raised. Many big foundations and organizations take part in Thanksgiving and donate to several causes. These were the Bell & Melinda Gates Foundation, Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Apple, and Meta. Around $7 million was raised by the donations from the Facebook page. The company added a button to donate directly through their page.

Giving Tuesday Benefits

Giving Tuesday gives us a chance to express our gratitude towards the almighty for giving us everything in life. If you choose to donate some money for Giving Tuesday, you get Tax benefits as well. The donations they will make will be non-taxable. You will help someone else live better. The event gathers a lot of blessings from the people suffering from causes. The day encourages Altruism. You can use #givingtuesday to support it the day. The number of participants increases every year.

2022 recorded around 37 million people coming together for Giving Tuesday. The upcoming Tuesday might have many more people than the previous year. You can easily participate in the event of Giving Tuesday by donating directly to the Giving Tuesday organization. Many times the organization conducts volunteer events. While other times, it simply raises funds. The recent hashtags related to Giving Tuesday going viral are #muslimsgive, #igivecatholic, #givingtuesdayLGBTQ, and #givingtuesdaymiliatary.

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