What Is DirecTV Stream? Subscription Price, Plans, Features, What’s New In DirecTV Streams

AT&T TV has changed its name to DirecTV Stream. The platform name has been changed because of the new partnership of AT&T with TPG Inc. We will share details about the new changes made in the DirecTV services and its pricing. DirecTV will have a minor change only. Many people also get confused between DirectTV and DirecTV. We will also discuss the difference between the both. We will discuss the plans DirecTV does not have for streaming. 

What Is DirectV Stream?

What Is DirectTV Stream?

You can use DirecTV according to your wish and the budget. DirecTV offers more channels as you increase the budget. There are a lot of options in each package available. You can choose the package according to your will. People like using AT & T Tv but it is also said to have the lowest number of subscribers. DirecTV and TPG merged to provide better service to their customers. DirecTV has a good number of subscribers. 

DirecTV and DirectTV streaming are both different. DirecTV has only the option of providing a satellite version of the TV. You can use the dish box for watching anything. DirectTV Stream is the new option available. It focuses on the streaming of online content using the internet. 

What Is DirectV Stream?

DirecTV will give you several options. The first one will be Entertainment. It will be $80 every month. This pack does not provide many options. It is the cheapest and the base level scheme of the plan. You will get live TV and unlimited recording as well. You will get some paid channels for free in the first three months. You can continue with those channels by making the payment for them after three months. 

The second pack is the Choice Pack. Its actual price is $109 per month, but you can buy it at $84 per month for the first two months. This will add some extra features for sure. You will be getting all ESPN channels as well in this pack. 

The third pack is the Ultimate Pack. It will cost you $120 per month. It will be available at $95 per month for your first two months. You will get EPIX, Cinemas, and NHL in it.

The fourth pack is the Premier pack. You will have to pay $165 every month for it. You can get it for $140 for your first two months. This pack has every feature and access provided by DirectTV. Stay tuned for more information.

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