Top 8 Best Movies To Watch In Christmas 2023: Where To Watch, & How To Celebrate Christmas In Different Style

Christmas is arriving soon with preparations going on. We have brought you some of the best Christmas Horror Movies to watch in 2023. Horror movies are always best to give you chills. People are eager to add the best horror movies to their bucket list to enjoy with their family members. Some of the recent movies like Red One, Candy Cane Lane, It’s a Wonderful Knife, Silent Night, and Malum are already on the hit lists. Let us explore some more Christmas movies to watch this Christmas.

Top 8 Best Movies To Watch In Christmas 2023

Top 8 Best Movies To Watch In Christmas 2023

  • It’s A Wonderful Knife: The movie will be released soon. The story is mystical. It shows how a girl helps a Christmas Serial Killer by taking him to her house. She starts seeing downfalls in her life and becomes depressed. The girl wishes to never have been born. The Christmas serial killer returns to her home to fulfill her wish. The movie will be released in Theatres on 10 November 2023.

It's A Wonderful Knife Movie

  • Silent Night: The movie has the power to give you goosebumps. This movie shows a man who wants to punish those who killed his son. The Silent Night does not have any dialogue. 

Silent Night

  • Violent Night: St. Nick is the main character of the story. He gets inside a house while someone is robbing the apartment. Nick has the only option left to protect the family. If he doesn’t, they won’t be able to celebrate Christmas. 

Violent Night Movie

  • The Advent Calendar: The story starts with a girl who uses a wheelchair. She gets a calendar as a gift. She receives a new gift every day, but it always points towards something worse happening in her life. 

The Advent Calendar Movie

  • Red Snow: It is a horror comedy series. The story shows a writer who gets into a house to write something. He sees a vampire on his window considering it as a random bat.

Red Snow Movie

  • The Lodge: The story shows a woman who goes on a vacation with her fiance’s children. She had some unnatural experiences. The woman starts getting fearful about the incidents happening to her. Is there something unnatural in the surroundings?

The Lodge Movie

  • 13 Slays Until X Mas: The story belongs to five men. They reach a bar a day before Christmas. They all hear 13 horror stories from their host. The stories are full of horror.

13 Slays Until X Mas Movie

  • Hosts: A family invites their neighbors to the house for a Christmas Eve party. The guests unknowingly help a demon enter the world. They are the veils coming to rule the world. 

The Host Movie

These eight horror movies are best to watch this Christmas. Stay tuned for more information. 

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