The Witch And The Beast Review: Release Date, Characters, Raw Manga, Anime Web Series, Trailer And Where To Watch

The Witch and The Beast anime has recently announced the release of the new visual along with some new cast for the 2024 premiere. The Witch and The Beast anime’s trailer has created a lot of suspense. It is a thriller and mystery-based aime. The trailer asks a question from the viewers. It is being asked that they know how to break the curse of a witch. There are three ways shown in the trailer. 

The Witch And The Beast Release Date

The Witch And The Beast Release Date And Review

People are eager to know more about the release date. The Witch and The Beast Release date has not been announced yet. The makers have confirmed the release in January 2024. The date will also be announced next month. A new visual has been released of the movie. Let us have more details about the trailer of the movie. 

The Witch And The Beast Trailer And Teaser

The Witch And The Beast trailer has been released. The trailer gives a suspenseful and thriller vibes. The trailer asks for the secrets to reverse a witch’s curse. There were three ways mentioned in total. The first way was to be kissed by the prince on a white horse. The second way is when the witch changes her will. The last one is a girl who hates witches. It was a teaser trailer. There might be a full trailer release before the anime release. We will update more details about it as we get to know.

The Witch And The Beast  Cast And Spoilers

The Witch And The Beast Cast And Spoilers

The cast members of The Witch and The Beast are Yoko Hikasa, Noriko Shibasaki, Junko Minagawa, Hidenobu Kiuchi, Atsushi Kousaka, Takuma Terashima, Saori Ohskaka, hozumi Goda, and Nozumu Sasaki. Yoko is playing Ione, Noriko is playing Mary, Junko is playing Kiera Haines, Hidenobu is playing Shulk, Takuma Terashima is playing Loran Saori is playing Phanora Kristoffel, Ryota is playing Johan, Hozumi is playing Jeff Enker, and Nozumu is playing Necromancer. 

Yuchiro Momose as series script supervisor, Kei Tsushima as a sub-character designer, Miki Matsuda as Prop designer, Hirotsuga Kakoi as Art Director, Mai Hasegawa as Editor, Natsumi Unchida as composing director, Hee Sook Wang as Color Key Artist, Takuji Goshima as 3 DDirector, Hiroyuki Yazaki as 2 D Setting, DAigoro Yamaguchi and Satoshi Miura as Art setting experts, Takuyu Hiramitsu as sound director, Hanae Nakamura and Natsumi Tabuchi as Musician, and Dax Production as Sound producer. Stay tuned for more information. 

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