The Irrational Drama Series Review: What Happened In Episode 4, Cast, Spoiler And Other Details

The Irrational is a new show by NBC. The ratings of the show are increasing. It is also increasing the interest of people in knowing more about the cast of The Irrational. We will have details about the group of people that are making the series work. The show is available to watch on NBC. For streaming options, you can go for Peacock. The series is influenced by a book which was written by Dan Arikey.

The Irrational Drama Series Review

The Irrational Drama Series Review

The main character of the story is Professor Alex Mercer. He is working as a behavioral psychologist. He is quite good at understanding people and their intentions. This ability gave him an offer to a job in government and law enforcement. The Irrational series started on 25th September.

The Irrational Series Cast And Characters

The cast who made the series work are as below:

  • Jesse L. Martin: He is playing the role of Professor Alec Mercer. He can sense people through his ability and their intentions.
  • Maahra Hill: She is playing as Marisa. She is known for becoming an FBI Agent in the series.
  • Arash DeMaxi: He is working as Rizwan in the series. He is the assistant of the professor. He also studies psychology from him.
  • Molly Kunz: She is playing the role of Phoebe. She is focused on winning. She completes all her cases with dedication which is given by her mentor.
  • Travina Springer: She is playing Kylie Mercer. Alec was going through hard times when he came to know that he was targeted for being the person behind the church bombing. She helped him overcome it and performed her responsibility of being a sister.
  • Brian King: He has played the role of FBI Agent, Jayce Richards. He and Marisa are shown in a relationship. They also work together.
  • Karen David: She has become Rose Dinshaw. She has also been seen in other series like Once Upon a Time.

The Irrational Drama Series Review

  • Ben Cotton: He is seen as Wes Banning. Everyone was targeting Mercer for the incident that happened in church. However, Wes was involved in that incident actively. He was punished for it.
  • Amy Aquino: She is playing CJ Wright. She is a journalist by profession. She asks Mercer to help her in her current situation where she is stuck.
  • Caleb Ruminer: He is playing as Dylan Hayes. He is the ex-boyfriend of Jasmine. He was found responsible for the murder of his girlfriend, Jasmine.

The other side characters are Gene Hadditch, Camille Lawson, Ray, Rory Taylor, Keith Moore, Elise Bowen, Brandon Schulz, Ethan Steele, Amson Hill Jones, and Trey Akehurst III.

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