Spy X Family: Chapter 89 Release Date, Review, Trailer, Teaser, Casting And Where To Watch

Spy X Family: Chapter 89 Release Date, Review, Trailer, Teaser, Casting And Where To Watch Spy X Family is an all-time favorite manga. This has been going on for a long time. This manga has created excitement among the readers along with suspense about what will happen next. Spy X Family is a story based on a spy who goes on a mission. As he wants to keep everything genuine in front of his enemies, he creates a family by marrying a girl who has her own story. She was a serial killer. They adopt a child. Let us have a detailed overview of the release date and summary of the Spy X Family.

Spy X Family: Chapter 89 Release Date

Spy X Family: Chapter 89 Release Date

The latest chapter of the manga will be released on 29 October 2023. The timing will be according to the time zones of the country. You can read all the chapters of the manga on Viz Media. Other platforms are Manga Plus and Shonen Jump. Viz Media is preferred by Canada and the US. The makers have not revealed the total number of chapters this manga will have.

Spy X Family: Chapter 89 Plotting And Casting

We read in the last chapter that Anya and Damian become friends again. We know that Anya has the superpower to read the minds of anyone. She was the only one in her family who knew about the secrets of both her father and her mother. Damian wanted to thank her by giving her cakes. However, he does not want to give it in front of everyone. Anya thinks that there is some connection between him with Operation Strix.

Spy X Family: Chapter 89 Release Date

Henry takes the cakes and spoils the situation. After some time, he apologized and took them for tea and cakes. Anya and Daniam united again there. Damian is now again in friendship but he is constantly thinking of the time when he felt different for Anya. As she can read anyone’s mind, she does not find it good. She wanted to give up on her friendship. They started fighting. Henry was frustrated so he sent them home. The chapter ended here. The story has a suspense whether their friendship will be able to sustain or not. Will Anya accept the feelings of Damian?

Spy X Family: Chapter 89 Premier Time

Release Time Of Spy X Family:
Japan Standard Time: 12 AM
Greenwich Mean Time: 3 PM
Pacific Time: 8 am
Eastern time: 11 am
Indian Standard Time: 8:30 pm

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