Social Worker & Padma Shri Awardee Avdhash Kaushal Died At 84, What Happened To Him, Reason & Death Cause Revealed

Avdhash Kaushal Cause Of Death

Avdhash Kaushal, a noted social worker, and Padma Shri recipient died on Tuesday at Dehradun’s private hospital after a long illness. He was 84. Kaushal was the head of the non-governmental organization (NGO), Rural Litigation and Entitlement Kendra, (RLEK). He founded it in the late 1970s to develop work among tribal hill communities in Jaunsar Bawar, a tribal district of Dehradun. Get The Latest Articles Updates On

Avdhash Kaushal Cause Of Death

Avdhash Kaushal Cause Of Death

RLEK worked over the years for the marginalized and underprivileged communities. They also fought against systemic injustices and inequalities. The main thrust was empowerment and emancipation of bonded laborers, with a particular focus on women. Many initiatives were taken to protect the fragile ecosystem in Doon Valley, abolish the Jaunsar Bawar area of Dehradun’s bonded labor system, and secure the rights of marginalized communities (rights to education, vote, and livelihood rights).

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RLEK’s main achievement was the limestone quarries lawsuit it fought in the 1980s. In that case, the Supreme Court ordered the closing of 101 Doon Valley mines. Avinash Kaushal, a member of the International Committee to Investigate War Crimes in Sri Lanka, was invited by the United Nations to participate in the World Summit in Geneva. He chaired the panel discussing the importance of local content in Information and Communication Technology. Avdhash Kaushal was also nominated to the International Committee to investigate war crimes and disappearances from Sri Lanka.

How Did Avdhash Kaushal Die?

Uttarakhand chief minister Pushkar Sing Dhami offered his condolences for the loss of Avadhesh Kaushal. Dhami stated that Kaushal was a symbol for vitality and perseverance. The chief minister prayed to God for the peace of the deceased soul and patience for the family members who have lost a loved one.

Kartikeya Hari guta, a Uttarakhand high court lawyer who was counseled in many legal battles against Kaushal said that Avdhash Kaushal has passed away but his fight for justice will continue. He was a chairperson for RLEK and a positive contributor to society. We will always remember him for his ability to speak truthfully. Kaushal was determined to continue advancing the public cause at the Supreme Court and high court. His public interest litigations before the Supreme Court led to the ban on limestone mining in Doon Valley.

What Happened To Avdhash Kaushal?

Gupta stated that Kaushal was a strong supporter of sustainable growth and raised the issue of Uttarakhand hydropower projects throughout his life. He opposed the closing of hydropower projects within the state. He first spoke out against the ex-chief ministers being removed from public property in the winter of 2010. We were only able to fight a long, over ten-year-long litigation without him. Finally, the high court ruled that ex-chief ministers of state had illegally occupied government bungalows and issued a recovery.

Anoop Nautiyal was a Dehradun-based social activist who said that Uttarakhand lost Avdhash Kaushal. He was a brave and skilled person who gave his life to the protection and preservation of the environment.

Avdhash Kaushal: Biography & Age

Nautiyal stated that he will be remembered for his unwavering determination to stop lime quarrying in Doon Valley. He said that Kaushal leaves behind a rich legacy for judicial activism. This includes his support for hydropower projects in the hill states and his persistent pursuit of stopping various benefits being granted to former chief ministers from Uttarakhand.

Pallavi Gupta who works with RLEK stated that Pallavi was a crusader for public rights and has now left this world. This is a huge loss not only for Uttarakhand but also for the nation. “Kaushal led RLEK to the top as an UN-recognized NGO in India. RLEK managed several schools in Uttarakhand for tribal children. Kaushal fought for Van Gujjars’ rights. Even he was slapped with frivolous criminal prosecution. He agreed to be imprisoned for fighting for the rights and dignity of the Van Gujjar people without a second thought. She said, “It is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to him. However, I am sure that what he did for the state, its people, and their families shall be remembered until eternity.”


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