Ranbir Kapoor Animal Movie Review: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Teaser, Songs And How To Buy Tickets

The animal movie is going on trend on social media. People are eager to know more about the release date and cast of the movie. The movie stars Ranbir Kapoor along with the actress Rashmika Madana. The story shows a toxic but strong relationship between a father and a son. Everyone is looking for Animal movie spoilers. The poster was released a few months ago as the movie was about to be released in August. It got postponed to December later onwards.

Ranbir Kapoor Animal Movie Release Date

Ranbir Kapoor Animal Movie Release Date

The animal movie will be released on 1 December 2023 in cinemas near you. The date has been announced. Everyone is excited to watch a movie. The plot is unique as very less movies focus on father and son relationship movies. Fans were already ready to watch the movie before it was postponed. The movie has good cinematography, costumes, and cast. Let us move to the current reviews of the movie.

The movie’s trailer has been released. People are eagerly looking to watch the movies in theatres. The story portrays a relationship between a father and a son. Ranbir Kapoor is playing the role of son. The story shows the love of a son for his father. He doesn’t get to spend much time with his father as he used to be outside for work. However, this puts the son on the wrong track. His father feels regret for not guiding him in life.

Animal Movie Trailer And Cast

The son is beaten by his father several times throughout his childhood. He still stays obedient to him. He gets conditioned to believe his father to be the best man. He becomes blind to his love for his father. He also has a girlfriend. Rashmika Madana is playing her role. She asks him about kids. Ranbir replies that he doesn’t want to be a father. Later, she says something about his father that he doesn’t like. He gets offended and asks her to not talk about his father.

Ranbir Kapoor Animal Movie Trailer And Spoilers

The movie shows how toxic relationships can break you. It can be in our family or outside. The thing that matters is our actions. His friends ask him to go outside and have fun like other guys. He gives a second thought to their words but his conditioning is tough enough to not be broken. The movie includes the cast members, Ranbir Kapoor, Rashmika Madana, Bobby Deol, Tripti Dimri, Parineeti Chopra, Anil Kapoor, Saurabh Shukha, and Sharat Saxena. The movie will be released in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada.

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