Netflix’s New Pokemon Ultimate Journey Release Date, Online, Raw Scan, Countdown, & Spoilers!

Pokemon Ultimate Journey Release Date

Netflix’s New Pokemon Ultimate Journey Release Date, Online, Raw Scan, Countdown, & Spoilers! The new series of Pokemon Ultimate Journeys: The Series will premiere on Netflix in February. 24. The Pokemon Company confirmed Tuesday. This is the second installment of the show’s debut on English on Netflix and the series is just almost over in Japan. We are aware of this being Ash Ketchum’s final starring anime season following the winner of his place in the Pokemon World Coronation Series.

Pokemon Ultimate Journey Release Date

Pokemon Ultimate Journeys Release Date

There are 51 episodes from the 25th season onwards, including bonus episodes that provide Ash to his friends from previous adventures. The show has aired only 12 times on Netflix to date so far, in addition to The Pokemon Company hasn’t confirmed the number of episodes in the second episode. If Part 2 is another 12 episodes, Pokemon fans will have to wait a while longer to see Ash’s huge win on Netflix. The Pokemon Company said news of the next series will be released at “a later date.”

Pokemon Ultimate Journeys All Episodes

The Pokemon Company has not responded to Polygon’s request for confirmation on the number of new episodes being added to Netflix during February. Ash Ketchum inspired a generation of Pokemon fans. And Ash Ketchum was his voice actor The second season will premiere in the coming weeks as Ash and his travel companion Goh go across The World Coronation Series, likely all the way to the final episode.

Pokemon Ultimate Journeys Netflix Premiere

Before the Master’s Eight Tournament begins. In addition to this main season, The Pokemon Company also offers a special bonus collection of episodes which “serve as an expression of gratitude from Pokemon to all the fans who have joined Ash and Pikachu along the way” which will see them reunite Ash and Pikachu with Brock and Misty as well as other characters.

When The Pokémon Ultimate Journeys Series anime is over, The Pokemon Company will introduce a brand new series featuring new characters (Liko Roy and Roy) together with Sprigatito, Quality, and Fuecoco from the previous season’s Pokemon Scarletand Pokemon Violet. It is anticipated to launch in 2023.


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