Malaysia H&M Fitting Room CCTV Video Goes Viral On Social Media, Twitter, Youtube And Others, Why H&M Trending On Twitter?

CCTV In Fitting Room from H&M Store Malaysia Video

Malaysia H&M Fitting Room CCTV Video Goes Viral On Social Media, Twitter, Youtube And Others, Why H&M Trending On Twitter? Stores frequently post information about their stores and customers are prone to trust them on the internet. In numerous counties and locations to you can see that those who have a changing area within their establishments have cameras where they watch the footage of customers changing clothes. It is no doubt that female shoppers are targeted in this kind of situation and are traumatized as a result of the manner in which shopkeepers attack the shoppers.

CCTV In Fitting Room from H&M Store Malaysia Video

CCTV In Fitting Room from H&M Store Malaysia Video

A similar situation has been reported in Malaysia where the customers were shocked to find cameras in the changing area and images of women changing their clothes. We will be covering the story from Malaysia in greater detail. In a retail store in Malaysia where a woman is recorded without her permission inside the changing room. Although it is obvious that the proprietors of the store have cameras within their changing rooms and record the woman changing her outfit.

H&M Fitting Room Leaked Video

The store was caught after a woman found out that the store was using cameras to snap inappropriate images of women or girls changing inside their changing rooms, and then publish the pictures on the internet. The woman who stumbled across the images online complained about it on the internet, and the story and post became viral across social media sites, and eventually, it was spread across Malaysia too. Following the images and the story posted on the web, it was full of negative messages and abusive comments and hateful comments.

Full Fitting Room Viral CCTV Video

There are many who have been to the store also are able to come to the store. The location is an H&M store although it is located situated in Malaysia. The store was capturing images of women and girls, and they were published on websites that were inappropriate and also. The person who has a Twitter account named Meleisgw, mentioned online that she discovered photos online through the MeWe app as the videos were promoted through the application. The videos she mentioned were being purchased on the internet and women who were unaware of it were changing their clothes at the shop.

Why H&M Fitted A CCTV In Women Fitting Room Or Trail Room

The news spread like wildfire and the news was reported later on as well. The people who went to the store came forward on the internet, and those who watched the videos were able to come forward. The lady melesigw stated that the store used inappropriate videos of women from their dark sides of apps and the videos were marketed online. Screenshots of the videos were uploaded on the internet by the person who complained about the issue as well as the fact that the videos were taken at an angle that women are unable to view the camera. The incident is embarrassing and has been reported numerous times on the internet.

The store that was later taken into custody by Malaysian police issued the following statement. They said they were sorry for the discomfort caused by their store. The store also stated that police are looking into the matter and will soon be able to identify who was responsible for the incident. The store added that they’re eager to resolve the issue and the store is being investigated by the police, too. On the internet, huge chaos was portrayed as a major brands such as H and M are being dragged into it. Moreover, the owners of the store weren’t aware of the camera in the changing room was pointed out.


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