Maboroshi Anime Movie OTT Release Date, Is Anime Movie Maboroshi Released On Netflix, Details Explored

Maboroshi is an upcoming Japanese movie. People are excited about the Maboroshi OTT release date. The anime movie is all set to release in January 2024. The wait has come to an end. We will share details about the Maboroshi Japanese anime film’s OTT release, spoilers, cast, and plot in the article. The story belongs to a school student, Masamune, who is living in a place where time has stopped due to a steelworks factory explosion. Let us explore more about Maboroshi’s plot.

Maboroshi Anime Movie Release Date

Maboroshi Anime Movie OTT Release Date

Maboroshi is a Japanese anime released on 15th January 2023 Monday. It will be available to watch on Netflix. The timings for the release have not been announced. You can check out the series on Netflix for the release in the morning. It had its theatrical release on 15th September 2023.

Maboroshi Anime Movie Cast And Trailer

The staff of Maboroshi Anime includes Mari Okada and Seimi Kidokoro as the directors, Okada as the writer, and MAPPA as the animation studio. The cast of Maboroshi are Reina Ueda, Misaki, Kuno, Junya Eboki, Koji Seto, Setsuji Sato, Kento Hayashi, Ayaka Saito, and Tasuku Hatanaka. Reina Ueda is seen as Astsumi Sagami, Misaki Kuno is seen as Itsumi, Junya Enoki is seen as Masamune Kikuiri, and Koji Seto is seen as Akimune Kikuiri.

Maboroshi Anime Movie Trailer

Maboroshi Anime Movie Spoilers

Maboroshi is the story of a student by the name of Masamune. He is living in a place where time does not change. People are carrying on their daily lives but not changing as time is still. It happened after a factory explosion in their town. Masamune and his classmate, Atsumi go to the factory explosion place. They get to know about a girl living there. She is a feral child. She was not able to speak the human language as she never lived with them in her life. Something changes in the world after the three met. They start destruction in the world. The movie is 111 minutes long. It will continue for almost around 1.5 hours.

Maboroshi Anime Movie Premiere Time On Netflix

Maboroshi will be released on Netflix. The platform gives the option to download the movies released there. You just need to have the minimum subscription to watch the movie. You can download any movie by searching the name and tapping on the movie. Tap on the download icon. It will be available to watch offline. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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