John Devine Obituary: Premiership Defender & Former Head Coach Cause Of Death, What Happened To Him? Reason Explored!

John Devine Obituary And Passed Away

John Devine Obituary: Premiership Defender & Former Head Coach Cause Of Death, What Happened To Him? Reason Explored! Geelong Football Club is in mourning over the passing of its former head coach John Devine. Find out more information regarding John Devine and his cause of death. Geelong has been mourning for the loss of the ex-coach and premiership player, John Devine, who died on Sunday, at the age of 82. An iconic figure in the Tasmanian Football Hall of Fame JD played more than 100 games for Geelong before embarking on a glittering professional and coaching experience at North Hobart.

John Devine Obituary And Passed Away

John Devine Obituary And Passed Away

Devine was the coach of the Demons to the premierships during 1967, 1969 and 1974. He was a member of Tasmania as captain, player and coach for seven occasions and is captain of the North Hobart’s team of the Century. Our thoughts are with John’s family and friends, as well as the larger Tasmanian rugby community. Geelong and Tasmanian football are mourning the loss of possibly one of the strongest players to put on boots, after the respected John Devine died in his latest battle with cancer. According to the source, it’s reported it is believed that John Devine has lost his fight with Parkinson’s disease and dementia. When the news was announced, family and friends are sending messages of condolence on Social Media. It’s a very sad day for the family members of his deceased loved ones.

John Devine Cause Of Death

John Devine made his senior debut for Geelong in the Victorian Football League (VFL) in the year 1960. John Devine was born in and was raised in Colac in the western part of Victoria. John Devine was a fiercely strong defender who had a powerful running gait. The popular player was known because of his dedication to Geelong both in and out of the field. As as a player who was well-known for his uncompromising approach to the game as well as his opponents.

What Happened With John Devine?

Devine was part of Geelong in the premiership of 1963 team. He was regarded by the media as being among the most outstanding players of the Cats during their win over Hawthorn. He was a part of Geelong in a highly successful period, from 1962 until 1966 in which Geelong Cats played in the finals of the series. Awarded the title of a “big game participant, Devine was named amongst the top players of the Cat at six of nine finals they competed in during his time at Geelong.

Who Was John Devine?

After victories over NWFU champions Latrobe (led and coach by Darrel Baldock) and NTFA champions Launceston, Devine captain coached two more TFL championships in the years 1969 and 1974. He also was the winner of his first Tasmanian national championships back in the year 1969. (coached by Bob Withers). North Hobart, under the direction of Devine under the leadership of Devine, was able to beat Launceston by an incredible 20 goals during the state premiership fixture held at York Park. In the year Devine moved from Tasmania at the end of 1967 Tasmanian football fans were able to see the former Geelong hardman in a series of unforgettable games that season, and throughout the years that followed.

The Tasmanian Football Hall of Fame has granted two of these games official acknowledgment: the 1967 state championship and the match for the 1970 Tasmanian representative game.

John Devine: Biography And Age

John Devine returned to Geelong as an official coach in 1986, when he was appointed Geelong’s coach following the dismissal by Tom Hafey. After Geelong was ranked tenth at year’s end, Devine did not remain as the coach. In his time, Devine recruited many players such as the future Geelong “Team of the Century ruck rover Garry Hocking, future captain Mark Bairstow, Billy Brownless, Bruce Lindner, Barry Stoneham as well as David Cameron. Each of these players played a part in Geelong’s team making it to the VFL grand final in 1989 under Malcolm Blight. After his coaching and playing time was over. John Devine became a successful politician and businessman in Tasmania . He was honored in the eyes of North Hobart Football Club and Tasmanian Football for his contribution to the game.


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