Jimmie Lou Fisher Passed Away, Democratic Party of Arkansas Officer Dies At 80, How Did She Die, Reason & Cause Of Death Revealed!

Jimmie Lou Fisher Cause Of Death

According to a tweet from the Democratic Party of Arkansas, Jimmie Lou Fisher, Arkansas’ longest-serving constitutional officer and first female nominee for governor of Arkansas, has passed away. Additional sources confirm her death. Fisher started her political career in 1970 as Greene County treasurer. However, her friendship with Bill Clinton in 1974 was the beginning of her state political career. For More Updates Stay Tuned With EntertainmentLooter.org.

Jimmie Lou Fisher Cause Of Death

In 2002, her final race was when Democratic Party leaders convinced her to run against Mike Huckabee (popular Republican governor) for the governorship. Fisher received 47% of votes despite being heavily outspent, and suffering from a painful back condition. Fisher, a Democrat was elected first Greene County treasurer, a position she held for eighteen years.

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Jimmie Lou Fisher Cause Of Death

Clinton appointed her as state auditor in 1979 to fill a vacancy. She was elected state treasurer two years later. This office she held until her term expires. She was born in Delight (Pike County), in 1941. She was the fifth of five children. According to the Encyclopedia of Arkansas, she was involved in Democratic Party politics as vice-chair of the state party. She also served as a delegate at the party’s national conventions, in 1988, 1992, and 1996.

“Hillary, and I are deeply sorry for the loss of Jimmie Lou Fisher. Jimmy Lou was the leader of our campaign in the first congressional District when I ran in 1978 for Governor. Her State Auditor was appointed the following year. She ran in 1980 for Treasurer and was elected to office until 2002.

How Did Jimmie Lou Fisher Die?

“I will never forget that October morning 1991 when Jimmie Lou introduced us as we kicked off our presidential campaign on the steps at the Old State House. She was always enthusiastic, caring, and kind. She said exactly what we needed to hear, as usual. She was a wonderful person and I will never forget her kindness and generosity.

“Jimmie Lou Fisher was the third woman to ever be elected to Arkansas’ statewide office. She went on to serve 22 years as Arkansas’ state treasurer. This is more than any treasurer in Arkansas history. Jimmie Lou was not only one of the most dedicated public servants in Arkansas, but she also had an infectious love for life and was a strong advocate for education. She was a friend, trusted advisor and reliable ally for me. Jimmie Lou isn’t a fan of the cliché that she was “one-of-a-kind”. We will miss her.

What Happened To Jimmie Lou Fisher?

Lottie Shackelford, former Little Rock mayor and Democratic National Committee Vice Chairman, said that Jimmie Lou Fisher was always friendly with everyone. She was a tireless trailblazer and a passionate advocate for Arkansas’s future. Her kindness, guidance, friendship, and support will be missed. She was a great anchor for me, my party and our politics. We are all better off having known her and benefitted from her public service. She will be missed by me uttering “Jimmie Lou Fisher from Greene County.”

Dustin McDaniel (D-Ark.) said that Jimmie Lou Fisher was a pioneer for equality, fairness and kindness. She was a giant, who helped others and provided more opportunities for them than she had. I will always be grateful to her for the love and example she set for me.

Jimmie Lou Fisher: Biography & Age

“I am deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Jimmie Lou Fisher, former State Treasurer of Arkansas. Jimmie Lou, who served as Arkansas’ Treasurer from 1981 to 2003, was the longest serving. Jimmie Lou was the longest-serving Treasurer of Arkansas, serving from 1981 to 2003. I had the pleasure to serve with her on the board for Arkansas Rural Endowment Fund’s board of directors and enjoyed her charm and wit. Dennis Milligan (R-Ark), the current State Treasurer, said that she was a gracious presence who truly cared about Arkansas.

“Last year, I invited her back to the Treasury to share some of her favorite stories from her time as president. I remember her talking about how the tradition of allowing the public into the vault to hold hundreds of thousands of dollars began. It was a way for her to explain the tax system to children visiting the Treasury.

She was the one who introduced the tradition of visiting the vault and taking your picture to hold the money. Milligan described this and many other stories she shared during our summer visit as a way to take a step back in history. “Jimmie Lou was a long-serving treasurer in the state. She was indeed an Arkansas treasure. Tina and I have been praying for Tina’s family in this time of grief.”


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