Israel Palestine War Update: More Than 3000 People Died, United Nations Looking For Peace!

The world is currently witnessing a lethal war between Israel and Hamas. The unprecedented attack that happened over the last weekend has turned into a war, and many people have lost their lives. We are already witnessing the war between Ukraine and Russia, and now this latest war has increased the tension. It is affecting several sectors of the world, including the stock market. The situation is getting worse on both sides of the border, and it looks like it will get worse. Many countries are worried for their civilians who are residing in Israel, and they are making arrangements to bring them back to their countries, including India.

Israel Palestine War Update

Israel-Hamas War Death Counts

Amid this, the death toll is constantly increasing, and thousands of people have already lost their lives on both sides. The toll of the deceased is steady, and Israel has already asked its citizens to take care of themselves. Now the latest report is showcasing the death count, which has now crossed 2,800. This increase in deaths shows that the war between Israel and Hamas has accelerated, and it is tough to predict when it will stop. Israel is totally in the mood for destruction. According to the reports, the military force of Israel is all set for a possible ground invasion in Gaza. The US is on the side of Israel and providing all sorts of help to them.

Israel Vs Hamas War World’s Reaction

In fact, in a deliberate show of support for the country, the official of the US already stated that Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin is planning to visit Israel. It was noted that on Thursday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken had already visited Israel to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The support of the U.S. is surely beneficial for Israel, and Hamas is currently in a tough spot. On the other side, Palestine is also brutally affected by this war; they never imagined that the counterattack by Israel would make the situation difficult in their own country. Palestinians are currently facing difficulties with their basic needs, which include medicine, food, and fuel.

Israel Palestine War Update

Israel-Hamas War Latest Updates

In addition to this, the only power plant in the territory is forced to shut down due to a shortage of fuel. In earlier reports, we were already informed that Hamas militants abducted many civilians in Israel, including foreign citizens, as hostages. Israel is doing all possible things to free innocent hostages. The latest reports state that the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, called for the end of violence against civilians in the Gaza Strip. He made this statement during his meeting with the King of Jordan on Thursday, October 12th. Well, the entire world is in favor of Israel and showing their support for them. Many people in Romania’s capital collected for a rally to take an oath to show their support for Israel, which is currently fighting against terrorism.

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