Is Cairo International Film Festival Postponed Or Not? New Date Of Cairo Film Festival 45th Edition, More Details Explored

Cairo International Film Festival is organized every year for new film achievements, but sources report that this year’s festival will be canceled. We will discuss the reason behind the cancellation or postponement of the film festival and also the current situation in Egypt and Gaza. This was the 45th film festival of Cairo which was set to be organized from 15th November to 24th November, to know about the new dates, keep reading with us.

Is Cairo International Film Festival Canceled Or Not?

Is Cairo International Film Festival Canceled Or Not?

Cairo Film Festival has been canceled because of the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas to avoid any mishappenings. The news has been confirmed by Egypt’s Ministry and Culture Department and the film festival has been postponed. Many believe that it’s not postponed but it’s canceled, but this is not clear yet or the cancellation hasn’t been accepted yet, which gives it a name of de facto cancellation. If we look at the dates, Cairo Fest was dated from 15th November to 24th November, but postponed dates can’t be kept till November end because there are other film festivals already scheduled like Marrakech International Film Festival and Red Sea Film Festival.

Current Situation Of Gaza And Israel

It is being said that Gaza and Egypt have been facing tough times because a lot of Gaza Palestine citizens are shifting and leaving their places to stay in Egypt. They are being transferred to Sinai but the bombardments are still going on by Israel. The attack has also led to a dangerous blast in Gaza Hospital which has taken the lives of innocent people living there. The situation is critical while there are efforts being made to take the citizens to a much safer place. Many women and children are currently homeless and without food and money because of the intense fight going on between the countries.

Is Cairo International Film Festival Canceled Or Not?

New Date Of Cairo International Film Festival

The Cairo International Film Festival’s 45th edition’s new date has not been announced yet because of the ongoing war, and there are high chances of cancellation if the situation doesn’t get better. The decision has been taken considering in mind the safety of the people coming to the fest, also it won’t be a wise decision to spend on the fest when the money is needed to help the homeless. We will update you as soon as we get details about the new date or fest rescheduling. Stay tuned for more information.

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