Fellow Travelers Season 1 Review: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Teaser, Spoiler And Where To Watch

Fellow Travelers series has debuted recently with its first season’s first episode. People are eager to look for more details about the Fellow Travelers 1st episode review. If you have not watched the series yet, you must give this series a try and also read the review shared below. The story is full of suspense and romance. The two men who fall in love with each other find it hard to express their love to the public.

Fellow Travelers Season 1 Episode 1 Review:

Fellow Travelers Season 1 Review And Release Date

We saw in the 1st episode that Hawkins Fuller and Timothy Laughlin are in love with each other. They cross different time zones and suffered clashes in the 1960’s, 1970’s, and 1980’s history. They are facing several challenges in their love life. As the society was not modern enough, the gay love was not considered a normal. It was considered a taboo thing to talk about. The next thing was the timings of their relationship.

They met in 1950 for the first time. However, the next 30 years were a complete disaster for them. Firstly, they had to go through the Vietnam War protests in 1960. The fight was going on between three countries, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. Next, they had to go through, disco hedonism in 1970. After that, in 1980, one of them, Tim, suffered from AIDS as the AIDS crisis was going on. The main roles of Hawkins Fuller and Tim Laughlin are played by Matt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey.

Fellow Travelers Season 1 Episode 1 Trailer And Cast

Hawkins was a man who had his self-image as the priority. He wants to make it look to the public that everything is going normal in his life. He attends and meets big people which makes him conscious about going public about his gay feelings. Also, when Lucy’s father insults a gay’s feelings, he gets hurt, but the sad thing is, that he has to agree to his point in order to maintain his image. The fans are more curious to know about the moment when Lucy will get to know about the sexuality of Hawkins.

Fellow Travelers Season 1 Episode 1 Trailer

As they both married everyone looked at them with the same expectations of having babies together. Will Hawkins be okay with this? Tim was really hurt by the decision of Hawkins. He still remembers the hurt and won’t be able to live the way he used to live. While he was in a relationship with Hawkins, he was aware that he was not comfortable sharing his sexuality publicly. We will update you with what happens next. Stay tuned for more information. 

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