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Eva Fahidi-Pusztai Cause Of Death: Holocaust Survivor Lady Pusztai Died At 97, Reason And Obituary Explained

Eva Fahidi-Pusztai Cause Of Death: Holocaust Survivor Lady Pusztai Died At 97, Reason And Obituary Explained Eva Fahidi Pusztai was a Holocaust survivor who dedicated her final days to warning about extremist populism as well as discrimination of minorities across Europe. Unfortunately, she passed away at just 97. The International Auschwitz Committee reported this morning Fahidi-Pusztai died at age 58 in Budapest without giving an official cause of her demise. “Auschwitz survivors from around the globe bid adieu with deep regret, gratitude, and affection,” according to an announcement issued on their website by their group.

Eva Fahidi-Pusztai Cause Of Death

Eva Fahidi-Pusztai Cause Of Death

Fahidi-Pusztai was born in 1925 to an upper-class Jewish family in Debrecen, Hungary, and converted to Catholicism later that same year – yet this did not provide them protection from persecution or harassment from its repression of religions such as Judaism or Islam. Due to the German Wehrmacht’s invasion of Hungary in early 1944, families were required to relocate into ghettos. In June 1944, Jewish people were herded together at a brick plant and sent by various transports directly to Auschwitz by Nazi authorities as prisoners. Read Related Articles On EtLoot.org.

Fahidi Pusztai was 18 when her family, including herself, were deported on the final transport to Auschwitz on 27 June 1944. Within hours after deportation both Gilkes (Giuseppa’s daughter) were murdered while Gilkes died due to conditions within Auschwitz a couple of months later; according to the Auschwitz Committee. Nazi Germany and its collaborators committed the Holocaust that caused six million European Jews to perish – among which Fahidi-Pusztai family’s German news agency reported, and which included only Fahidi as its only survivor. German news agency DPA noted this tragic fact.

Eva Fahidi-Pusztai Obituary And Death Reason

Fahidi-Pusztai was deported from Auschwitz to a subcamp of Buchenwald concentration camp near Allendorf in Hesse province and placed into slave labor duties at Muenchmuehle concentration camp located within that city for 12 hours per day – as she worked a slave job producing explosives plants located there.

In March 1945, just days before World War II came to a close, she managed to escape a death march led by Soviet soldiers through Eastern parts of France towards the West. When captured American troops discovered her location they released her. Christoph Heubner, Executive Vice-President of the International Auschwitz Committee stated in Berlin, that Eva Fahidi did not begin speaking publicly about her experiences of family death and slavery until many years after liberation.

Eva Fahidi-Pusztai Biography And Family Networth

Heubner observed: “Her life was marked by the tragic deaths of several members of her family; yet, her strong will allowed her to embrace life with joy, trusting in the strength of memory as an anchor,” according to Heubner. Fahidi-Pusztai relocated from Germany after WWII, where she wrote several accounts of her Holocaust experiences for publication in books. Additionally, she visited schools throughout Germany in order to talk about them with students while cautioning them about rising populist far-right ideologies in Europe.

Eva Fahidi’s works, which demonstrate her skill as an accomplished writer and stylist, will endure in perpetuity; so too will her warnings about right-wing populist violent attacks against Jews, Sinti, and Roma communities not just within Hungary itself but throughout Europe.” So stated the International Auschwitz Committee’s farewell message to her.



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