Dunki Movie Trailer Review: Shahrukh Khan Movie Dunki Release Date, Cast, Spoilers, Trailer, Teaser And More

Dunki movie featuring Shahrukh Khan is about to be released soon. People are excited to know more about the movie’s plot. It is a full-on Comedy drama movie featuring Sharukh, Tapsee, Vicky, and Boman. Rajkumar Hirani’s directed movie is all set to rock the cinemas. The trailer of the movie shows the movie as quite relatable to today’s generation. Everyone is looking for details about the Dunki release date and trailer. The movie also released a teaser where Sharukh was asking the director for a movie that can be known by his name.

Dunki Movie Release Date

Shahrukh Khan’s Movie Dunki Release Date And Review

Dunki’s Movie release date and trailer are out. The movie is a complete comedy drama. Dunki will be released in cinemas on 22 December 2023 Friday. The fans are excited for the release. Sharukh gave two superhits already in 2023. These were Pathaan and Jawan breaking all box office records. It will be his third super hit of the year. The fans have already decided to watch the movie.

The only thing that seems to be a disadvantage to the movie is the single-language release. It will only be released in Hindi. It could cover the South Indian audience as well through a multi-lingual base. The makers have played a smart game. The movie focuses on the North Indian practices of moving illegally to America. It is predicted to have the best output with a single language as well.

Dunki Movie Trailer And Review

The trailer of the movie has been released. Shahrukh Khan has a group of friends willing to move to America. It shows the willingness of people in India to move to America. They can even sacrifice or risks their life to enter America and the UK. It will show the struggles of Indians in foreign countries through Donkey’s flight and their struggle to return home.

Dunki Movie Cast And Spoilers

If you have not watched the trailer yet, you must give it a try. The movie’s cinematography is performed well. The title of the movie was released a year ago. After that, Sharukh’s clip was released with a director mentioning his desire to do a special movie.

Shahrukh Khan Dunki Movie Cast And Spoilers

Dunki has cast members, Shahrukh Khan, Tapsee Panu, Vicky Kaushal, and Boman Irani. Shahrukh Khan is playing the role of Hardy, Taapsee Pannu is playing Manu, Boman Irani is playing Gulati, and Vicky Kaushal is playing Sukh. Dunki was created with a budget of Rs. 150 Crores with Rs. 130 Crores for production and Rs. 20 Crores for ads. We hope you get every detail about the movie. Stay tuned for more information.

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