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Dr. Matthew Latacha Cause Of Death: Cardiac Surgeon Dr. Latacha Died, What Happened To Him?

Dr. Matthew Latacha Cause Of Death: Cardiac Surgeon Dr. Latacha Died, What Happened To Him? Dr. Matthew Latacha of Omaha, Nebraska was an esteemed cardiac surgeon renowned for his innovative methods, unwavering dedication to quality work, and charitable contributions in cardiac electrical systems and procedures – leaving an indelible mark in cardiac medicine since 2009. Tragically he died aged 47 due to a bike accident near Valley. Methodist Health System had employed Dr Latacha since 2009 with great regard. Known for his innovative approaches and tireless commitment towards quality, his contribution impacted hearts worldwide in profoundly positive ways – leaving unmistakable marks all throughout its cardiac electrical systems and procedures and procedures alike; leaving no other than Dr Latacha himself behind in Nebraska at 47.

Dr. Matthew Latacha Cause Of Death

Dr. Matthew Latacha Cause Of Death

Dr. Latacha started his education at the University of Nebraska Medical Center where he earned his medical doctorate. To further hone his abilities he undertook intensive residency and fellowship courses at Barnes Hospital and Washington University School of Medicine; through these endeavors, he earned board certification in cardiovascular electrophysiology as well as cardiovascular disease. Read Related Articles On EtLoot.org.

Dr. Latacha leaves behind not only academic but professional achievements as well. Besides these accolades and more importantly his four children (Kimberly Latacha being his beloved wife). Funeral Services were held for Kim on September 15 2023 at St Wenceslaus Catholic Church Omaha to remember and commemorate this extraordinary life.

Dr. Matthew Latacha Obituary And Reason

Whoever wishes to know more details or offer their condolences regarding Dr. Matthew Latacha can obtain his death certificate through Heafey Hoffmann Dworak Mortuaries and Crematory’s site; moreover, their funeral director Legacy.com hosts sincere messages of condolence from family, colleagues, friends as well as grateful patients of Dr. Matthew Latacha which offer insight into his impactful and prolific life.

Dr. Matthew Latacha Networth And Family

Matthew Latacha tragically passed away due to a bicycle crash on September 7th, 2023. While details surrounding his collision remain hazy, medical aid was rendered immediately and unfortunately, his life could no longer be saved; when he passed, at 65 years of age and held positions such as CEO/President at Neighbourly Inc. – one of the world’s biggest home services provider companies. Matthew’s passing left an inexplicable hole within family, colleagues, as well as franchise business as a whole.



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