David Spatz’s Cause Of Death, WOND-AM 1400 Briadcaster David Spatz Passed Away, How Did He Die, Biography & More

David Spatz's Cause Of Death

David Spatz’s Cause Of Death, WOND-AM 1400 Briadcaster David Spatz Passed Away, How Did He Die, Biography & More David Spatz, A local broadcaster from WOND-AM 1400 and a former entertainment writer in The Press of Atlantic City, has passed away. The 71-year-old Spatz host of the show at midday on the news-talk radio station and has been in local media since the 1970s. The work he did on behalf of The Press also included extensive coverage of the entertainment industry. The station said it on their Facebook site “For over four decades, David’s gift for storytelling and knowledge of Atlantic City delighted fans on TV, radio, and print. Our thoughts and prayers are with David’s family members at this sad moment.

David Spatz's Cause Of Death

David Spatz’s Cause Of Death

David Spatz, 71, an actor and media personality from Atlantic City, passed away on Monday, at the Linwood home. The cause of death has not been revealed in any announcements regarding David Spatz’s death. The reports indicate that Spatz passed away naturally. However, at this point there is no confirmation. A number of people were close to the man The team is working to reach the people who were close to him. To find out exactly what led to David Spatz’s demise We are gathering more details.

Who was David Spatz?

Spatz was born in Atlantic City. He was an artist with a wide range of talents who worked in various media. Through his entire career He covered news and entertainment and also interviewed celebrities, earning him regional, national, and even local awards. David Spatz was a local anchor and entertainment reporter for WOND-AM 1400, a radio station in Atlantic City. In the 1970s the famous Linwood journalist wrote a variety of major stories, mostly on gambling in casinos.

One TV show that was produced within the southern part of New Jersey has won an Emmy award: Curtain Call. He was also a contributor to the Atlantic City Weekly column where featured interviews with popular artists, which is how earned him a name.

David Spatz Biography And Age

In the late 1970s the journalist was involved in numerous of the important stories that revealed the entry of Atlantic City into the world of casino gaming. When gambling became legal at Atlantic City, Spatz immediately began covering the most popular entertainers, opening the way for years of coverage. He was awarded his first Emmy Award for excellence in the field of television for his series, “Curtain Call.

The same name was used, Spatz wrote a column for Atlantic City Weekly in which he featured top performers and also provided entertainment news from the local area. While he was the executive editor of The Press from 1988 until 2010 Paul Merkoski said that Spatz never used his position to harm anyone’s career or help the community.


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