Dark Gathering Season 1 Episode 16 Review, Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Teaser, Spoiler And More!

Dark Gathering is a new anime that has reached its 16th episode successfully. The first season is going on. We will discuss the storyline of the anime with the previous episode recap. We will also have a look at the release date and timings of the upcoming episode. This amazing story of Eiko and Yayoi has taken a new turn. They are on their journey to reach the spirit who killed Eiko’s mother. Will they be successful in their mission? How will they use their power to sense the spirits to reach their goal?

Dark Gathering Episode 16 Release Date

Dark Gathering Episode 16 Release Date

The 16th episode of the Dark Gathering Season will be released on 22nd October 2023, Sunday. It’s a complete horror story that will give you chills. There are 16 episodes released already with 9 episodes pending. The timings of the episode 16 release are 5 pm GMT, 10 am Pacific Time, and 12 pm Central Time. You can watch it according to the time zone of your country. India Release Time: 10:30 PM Indian Standard Time. Platforms To Watch Dark Gathering Season 1 Episode 16:

  • Tokyo MX AT-X
  • BS Asahi
  • Amazon Prime
  • Hi Drive

Dark Gathering Season 1 Episode 16 Plotting And Spoilers

In the previous episode of Dark Gathering, we saw that Yayoyi and Keitaro are on their mission to hunt a spirit. They meet a dangerous spirit. They call it psycho killer spirit. They were having difficulty in defeating the spirit. Martyr arrived there to help defeat the spirit. They caught them into a doll. The episode ended with saying that they completed their mission.

Dark Gathering Season 1 Review

Dark Gathering Season 1 has received a good response from the people. They are focusing on the every little detail of the story. The dialogues and scripts are good. The theme and design are also appreciable. The episodes are currently having a little relaxed ending. While many episodes were also quite suspenseful at the end. The wait for the next episode is on. The discussions are going on among the groups. Let us conclude the above.

Dark Gathering’s new episode will be released on 22nd October. The time and platforms to watch have been shared above. The story of Yayoi and Eiko is full of horror. Keitaro is the teacher of Yayoi as he has the ability to sense the spirits. Stay tuned for more updates.

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