Dan Fawcett Cause Of Death, Cliffside Malibu Coordinator Passed Away, How Did Dan Fawcett Die, Reason & Obituary Revealed!

Dan Fawcett Cause Of Death

Dan Fawcett, who was Cliffside Malibu’s coordinator for many years, died on July 15, 2022. In his honor, we write this obituary and reflect on the remarkable person he was. Cliffside Malibu was where Dan Fawcett was the coordinator of the drug rehabilitation center. After struggling with addiction for a long time, Fawcett finally decided to help others in similar situations. Social media has been abuzz with the sad news about his death. In response, people are offering their condolences and support to his family. We pray for the soul of this man to find eternal peace. Get The Latest Information On Etloot.org.

Dan Fawcett Cause Of Death

Dan Fawcett Cause Of Death

On July 15, 2022, Dan Fawcett died. He was believed to have been in his 30s at the time of his death. According to SNBC 13, Fawcett died from an addiction to alcohol and drugs he had suffered for his entire life. He was apparently not clean in the final months of his life, despite having been clean for many years. Dan also has a history of addiction and has been through Cliffside Malibu’s detoxification process. After completing his rehabilitation, he began to feel better and he decided to volunteer his services as the alumni coordinator.

Multiple accounts suggest that he was not clean. He was also the founder and director of HULU. Dan lived in Santa Monica, California before moving to Santa Monica. It is beyond comprehension to have to leave the world in such a terrible way. Fawcett exuded vitality and excitement with equal measures. I pray for him to find eternal fame.

How Did Dan Fawcett Die?

We are so sorry for Dan Fawcett’s loss. Our thoughts and sympathies are with his family. Cliffside Malibu’s director had strong family connections. His Instagram wall is filled with photos of his family and the activities they do together on the holidays. Dan received his Juris Doctor from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. He was also a graduate of that school (JD).

He also graduated from Carnegie Mellon University and UCLA with master’s degrees in business administration and addiction counseling. Dan had many friends, according to what I saw on his social media wall. He has shared photos of his family and friends on his social media accounts. We pray they can grieve in peace, regardless of where they may be.

Dan Fawcett: Funeral & Obituary

Many people used social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to express their condolences after the news broke. Many of his family and friends have also left condolences and shared their grief in the comments section of his Instagram posts. Dan Fawcett was a remarkable person who won many hearts. We pray for his peace, now that he has left us.


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