Clare Drakeford Passed Away; Wales First Minister Mark Drakeford’s Wife Dies Suddenly, How Did She Die? Cause Of Death Revealed!

Clare Drakeford Died

Clare Drakeford Passed Away; Wales First Minister Mark Drakeford’s Wife Dies Suddenly, How Did She Die? Cause Of Death Revealed! Clare Drakeford, the wife of Wales’s first minister, Mark Drakeford, has died abruptly. In the statement an official from the Welsh government stated: “It is with deep sadness that we announce the sudden death of Clare Drakeford, wife of the first minister. “The thoughts of all within the Welsh government are with the family in this moment and we request to respect their privacy. The First Secretary of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon responding to the news via an update on Twitter stated that she sent the Welsh partner “love and determination”.

Clare Drakeford Died

Clare Drakeford Died

“My prayers are for Mark as well as his loved ones during this time of sorrow,” Ms Sturgeon tweeted. “On the occasions that I got to meet Clare I was able to see how solid the connection between her and Mark was. I can only imagine the deepness of sorrow he’s grieving. Welsh Conservatives the leader Andrew RT Davies said: “My prayers and thoughts remain in the thoughts and prayers of Mark Drakeford and his family during this difficult time. “On the occasions that I got to meet Clare she was always charming and extremely friendly and warm. I am shocked and deeply saddened to learn of the passing of her.”

Clare Drakeford Passed Away And Obituary

Adam Price, leader of Plaid Cymru, said his heart was “absolutely breaking” for Mr. Drakeford which also happens to be also head of Welsh Labour, while Jane Dodds as chief of the Welsh Liberal Democrats stated: “I extend our deepest condolences to Mark his family, friends and his friends. Downing Street said that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has conveyed his sincere condolences to Mr. Drakeford privately. Labour chief Sir Keir Starmer also expressed his condolences as well as his party’s in a statement that reads: “I know just how they were as couples, and I can only imagine the feeling of sadness Mark and his family feel.

Clare Drakeford Cause Of Death

“They are always in our prayers and thoughts. Mr. Drakeford along with his partner were married in 1977. They have three children. The family has been in the Pontcanna region of Cardiff for the last 30 years. The couple lived separately throughout the COVID epidemic and Mr. Drakeford being in a structure near the end of the garden of the couple to allow him to work while his wife was in the house with his mother-in-law who was shielding.

What Happened With Mark Drakeford’s wife Clare Drakeford?

Mr. Drakeford who was first minister in the year 2018 and was appointed to the position in May 2021, then said that their reunion was “a touch emotional”. In an interview with ITV Wales on ITV Wales podcast in August 2021, he revealed: “I’ve been married for quite a long time, and never to be at home and be physically separated even though we saw one another every day and talked all day long It was a tense situation in this way , and to come to an end, it’s an emotional time for everyone.”


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