Carlo Tavecchio Passed Away, The Former President Of The Football Federation Carlo Tavecchio Died, Cause Of Death Reason Explained!

Carlo Tavecchio Passed Away

Carlo Tavecchio Passed Away, The Former President Of The Football Federation Carlo Tavecchio Died, Cause Of Death Reason Explained! The former president of the Football Federation has died at the age of 79. Charles Tavecchio. “On behalf of me, my colleagues, of the Governing Council of the Lega as well as the members as well as collaborators and of the whole group in Italian amateur soccer, I offer my deepest sympathies and affection to his family members as well as those who loved him. declares Giancarlo Fir President of the National Amateur League.

Carlo Tavecchio Passed Away

Carlo Tavecchio Passed Away

The most important aspect of our story ends when we meet Carlo and his final goodbye will leave a huge hole. We will miss his relentless dedication to the League as well as amateur football, a model that will be remembered as regards determination, passion and expertise and always in the service of the Societies and their members. We will also be greatly disappointed by his energy and his resoluteness, as well as the determination that was able to differentiate himself in all battles. Carlo was a powerful and passionate executive and with him I also had several years in my professional life in the Federal level.

Carlo Tavecchio Cause Of Death & Obituary

Always finding an excellent source of inspiration and a great willingness to collaborate and be available. A heartfelt message to all who were fortunate enough to know and appreciate Carlo and who shared lengthy stretches of his journey together, with the assurance of maintaining his memory, expertise and dedication alive”. Born in 1943 and initially born in Ponte Lambro, a town located in the state of Como where he was the mayor for more than 20 years. It was also where he lived with his family.

What Happened With Carlo Tavecchio?

Tavecchio according to on the National Amateur League was a person of a lengthy time in the development of Italian football . He was the The founder of Pontelambrese as well as a councilor for the Lombardy Regional Committee from 1987 until 1992, vice president of the National Amateur League from 1992 until 1996, and finally director of the Lombardy Committee from 1996, his name was directly associated with his presidency at the National Amateur League from 1987 to 1992, the position that he held for 15 continuous time (from May 1999 until August 2014) prior to being elected as president of the Italian Football Federation – of which he served as vice-president from 2007 until 2009, and then vicar – as its president until the end of November.

Carlo Tavecchio: Biography And Age

While as a participant in the UEFA commission for youth and amateur football and youth football, he was also director for the National Professional League series A sti as well as director for Lnd Servizi and Lnd Immobili Lnd Servizi and Lnd Immobili srl. Since 9 January 2021, he has made a return to management was announced after the election to the post of president of the Lombardy Regional Committee which he was the president from 1999 to. Funeral services will be held on the 30th of January, 2023 at 15:15 pm at the church of the town of Ponte Lambro . Check out also more information from Nova News. Nova News


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