Califonia Mass Shooting 2023: 7 Peope Died In Mass Shooting Califonia Video Goes Viral On Social Media!

California Mass Shooting Video

Califonia Mass Shooting 2023: 7 Peope Died In Mass Shooting Califonia Video Goes Viral On Social Media! Seven victims were wounded critically and one killed in two shootings at Half Moon Bay, California in January. 23rd, 2023. As per CNN, the shooting took place on a farm for mushrooms and others near the trucking facility, which is just 2 miles (about three kilometers) close to the property, as per the president of the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors, Dave Pine.

California Mass Shooting Video

Califonia Mass Shooting Video

Based on San Mateo County Sheriff Christina Corpus The suspect has been identified as 67 years old Zhao Chunli. CNN stated that the man was detained for about two hours after the shootings. Seven people have been killed and one injured in two distinct places. At 2:22 at 2:22 pm (U.S. hour) at 2:22 pm (U.S. time), four people were found dead from shooting wounds on their bodies at the first site, according to Sheriff’s Office. A third victim was transported to Stanford Medical Center with critical injuries.

Mass Shooting At Califonia Updates

Three victims were also found dead in a different location The news outlet CNN. NBC Bay Area reported that the victims are believed to be employees on the property. At 4:40 in the evening (California time) The suspect was discovered inside his car in the garage of the sheriff’s station at Half Moon Bay, said Corpus. Zhao was arrested without incident, according to CNN The report also noted that the handgun, which was semi-automatic, was found in his car at the time.

How Many Peoples Died In Mass Shooting Califonia 2023

In the report by CNN, Corpus stated that there was not any known motive and that authorities believe that Zhao was acting on his own. In a press event, Corpus said that “this kind of shooting is horrific. Half Moon Bay Council Member, Debbie Ruddock, said the victims were Chinese farmworkers, as reported by NBC Bay Area. Two mass shootings occurred in California within just 48 hours

Califonia Mass Shooting Viral Video

The Half Moon Bay shootings took place just following another similar incident in California. At eleven victims were killed during the Monterey Park mass shooting in California on January. 22 (Singapore time). Nine others were wounded and were treated in a hospital. The shooting was amidst the Chinese New Year celebration. The shooter opened fire inside Star Ballroom Dance Studio, leaving 11 dead and injuring nine others.

The gunman walked on into a different ballroom and dance studio where local members removed him from the scene and took the gun the police said. Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna. In the case of the suspect, the Monterey Park shooting is believed to be a man aged 72 identified as Huu Can Tran. Tran passed away from self-inflicted gunshots in a parking area, police sources told The LA Times. Luna stated that the gunman’s motives are not yet clear.


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