Billy the Kid Season 2 Review, Release Date, Cast, Spoilers, Trailer And Where To Watch

Billy The Kid Season 2 is back to win the hearts of the people again. We will discuss the storyline and cast of Billy The Kid. The series has its demand that forced the makers to release another season. On the high demand of the fans, season 2 is on board. The cast and characters are full of their individual stories. We will try to cover them individually.

Billy the Kid Season 2 Review

Billy The Kid Season 2 Release Date

Billy The Kid was released for the first time on 24 April 2022. The season was a massive hit. The main character of the story is William H. Bonny who is known for many things which we will discuss below. The story showed the unbreakable friendship of Billy the Kid and Jesse Evans. However, they both get separated as they have feelings for the same girl, Bambara. they will be seen having one-to-one interaction with each other in this season. This is an interesting moment for the fans. Billy The Kid Season 2 will release on Epix which is also known as MGM+.

Billy The Kid Season 2 Cast And Characters

Every show is made by their cast. The cast and characters of Billy The Kid are as follows:

Billy the Kid Season 2 Review

  1. Tom Blyth: He is a famous actor from America. He is playing the role of William H. Bonne or the one who is famously known as Billy the Kid. 
  2. Daniel Webber: He is playing the role of Jesse Evans. He is an all-rounder and is ready to do anything and goes up to any limit for their friends. 
  3. Sean over Roberts: He is playing the role of Bob Olinger. He is said to be having a fight against Belly the Kid. 
  4. Eileen O Higgins: She is playing the role of Kathleen McCarty. She is also the mother of Billy The Kid. She had tuberculosis.
  5. Dakota Daulby: He is playing the role of John Beckwith. He is in a gang of Jesse. 
  6. Ian Tracey: He is playing the role of Frank Baker. He is the second person in the team of Jesse. He also fought in the Lincoln Colony War.
  7. Ryan Kennedy: He is playing as a journalist. He also writes a book. Ryan’s character is Ash Upson. 
  8. Jonah Collier: He played the role of young Billy the Kid. 

The story has other characters like Lawrence Murphy, Henry Antrim, Melquidas Segura, and John Riley. Stay tuned for more information on the website.

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