Best Shows To Watch On Netflix During Festivals Days: Top 8 Netflix’s Shows In October 2023, Check Full List With Trailers

Netflix is said to be one of the most popular platforms for the new series and people are currently looking for some TV shows to watch on Netflix. This article will share details about Netflix’s TV shows that are upcoming this month. So if you want to know more about it, keep reading with us.

Best Shows To Watch On Netflix During Festivals Days

Best Shows To Watch On Netflix During Festivals Days

  1. Virgin River: This series is said to be one of the best series. It has everything that a round-hit series needs. There are 5 episodes released as the series is ongoing on Netflix. The 6th will be released soon. 
  2. Call The Midwife: This series is quite popular and has a high demand. It has already released 12 episodes in total. Apart from that, the viewers are currently enjoying the next season. You can watch it as well if you have not. The only thing is that the series can be watched in the United States only. 
  3. Firefly Lane: The series has 2 seasons. You can watch both on Netflix. If you are a person who loves relationship-based series, this can be the best one for you. This series shows the relationship of Kate and Tully who are best friends and how they overcome all the challenges. 

Best Shows To Watch On Netflix During Festivals Days

  1. Heartland: The series is a family-based series that anyone can watch. It portrays the lives of two sisters living with their grandfather. The story focuses on the real-life challenges faced by her. 
  2. On The Verge: This is a comedy-drama series. The series has only one season but is worth watching. If you prefer to see light light-hearted series, this can be one of the best to watch. 
  3. Grace And Frankie: This is also another famous story based on the 2 women who went on a journey to discover more. 
  4. Northern Rescue: This is again a family-based series. It shows the difficulties faced by the family living in Canada after the mother in the family passed away. The story is emotional and can be easily relatable to life. The series has a good response, so do give it a try.
  5. Ransom Canyon: This is an upcoming series on Netflix. If you have read the novel, Jodi Thomas, you will be able to relate with the story much. The series might be released by mid-2024. 

These are some popular and in-demand series you must watch on Netflix. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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