Anyone But You Movie Review: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Teaser And Other Details

Anyone But You is a new movie that is much awaited by the fans of Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell. Sony Pictures Entertainment’s movie is full of romance, thrill, excitement, love, and psychology. The teaser release has given a glimpse of the movie with catchy music playing behind it. This article will share details about the Anyone But You teaser, release date, and cast in detail, so keep reading for more information.

Anyone But You Release Date

Anyone But You Release Date

The movie’s teaser released on 19th October has a beautiful landscape, beaches, views, and music. As the name describes, Anyone But You, the story is exactly justifying the title. Bea and Ben are spending time with each other while romancing on the beaches, but are struggling to make others believe that they are together. No one believes how they can be together, and neither does Ben. The story is full-on engaging and won’t bore you. 

Anyone But You Trailer And Spoilers

Anyone But You will be released on 22nd December 2023, Friday in theatres across the USA. Fans are super excited to watch the movie as it meets the expectations and interests of the people. The movie can have chances of OTT release after a few months for those outside the US. 

Anyone But You Release Date

Anyone But You Cast And Trailer

Let’s know the cast of Anyone But You before meeting them in theatres:

  1. Sydney Sweeney: She is playing the role of Bea in the movie. She is known for her famous role in Euphoria.
  2. Glen Powell: He is playing the role of Ben. He is often seen in side roles in TV shows and movies, and this will be one of the most special roles he is playing. 
  3. Alexandra Shipp: She has been in the recent hit movie, Barbie and was also a part of X-Men. 
  4. Michelle Hurd: She has been in a lot of TV series and is known for her work in the series, Law And Order. 
  5. Bryan Brown: He is an Australian actor and has been seen in movies like Cocktail and The Thorn Birds. 
  6. Darrem Barnet: He belongs to America and is known for the Never Have I Ever series released in 2020.
  7. Hadley Robinson: She acts and also creates new movies. Her most famous role is in Little Women. 
  8. Dermot Mulroney: He is an American actor especially known for her role in Scream 6.

The other cast members of the movie are Rachel Griffiths, GaTa, and Joe Davidson. Stay tuned for more information. 

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