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OUR WEBSITE is Indian based publisher, with Indian employees and also paying Indian tax. Advertisement is a significant way for us to develop the revenue needed to run our site and as such if a person runs Ad Blocker our team would like to ask the person to acknowledge diverting them off our website. At the end of the page, we have mentioned our advertising policy and also mentioned the long-term strategy, we would appreciate welcoming any kind of feedback on it.

We got to know that there are particular adverts that can disrupt and annoy. Some of these our website have a complete restriction on and others we have strict restraints on. We are continually tweaking and monitoring our delivery so if you watch an insulting ad or feel free should adjust our terms and condition contact us here- OUR WEBSITE Advertising Contact

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Our website run entire page takeovers, but each has to be from pertinent advertisers, and of good quality.

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Our website also runs a “block list” policy for advertisements and does not run health, money, adult, or diet money lending ads. Please feel free to contact us if you need more clarification or have any kind of suggestion or feedback- Our website Advertising Contact